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Saturday, January 3, 2009
Fishing Status: Good (some rain tomorrow, but fishing is still great.)

1.) I think I have cured my case of trout fever...strictly temporarily though. The Davidson River was great this afternoon. I arrived at about 1:45, and fished until about 5:00. While traveling along US 276, I noticed the cars coming and going like usual...which meant there was probably a lot of anglers on the stream. Surprisingly enough, the fishing wasn't elbow to elbow like it usually is. Fishing was slow at first, and after overcast skies started to roll on through, light rain started falling. More and more fisherman started leaving the stream as a result to the dreary weather. I pulled out my #20 BWO dries, as overcast and cool weather prompts BWO's to start hatching out. Sure enough a few small Olives were starting to come off of the water, so I switched to a BWO dry and fished it for a few minutes. The trout were simply not interested in the BWO adults, as during the hatch, very little fish came up to the surface to grab lunch. Due to the chilly water temps, most of the fish were on the bottom of a pool or near the banks and out of the current. So, with that being said, I switched to a trusty San Juan Worm in a red color. After rain, earthworms come up to the surface, so SJW's are a good bet. The San Juan I was using was about a size 16. Looked more like a midge on steroids than an earthworm....I pinched a split shot on about 8 inches above the fly and performed a roll cast to a promising looking seam. About 15 seconds through the drift, I felt a slight twitch on the end of my line, so my first instinct was to set the hook. I netted and safely released a 14 inch brown trout. Not a HUGE trout at all by Davidson River standards, but still a lot of fun. At the end of the day I managed to catch 2, mostly because I was crunched on time, and the cold slowed the fish down a bit. Without a doubt, I'm glad I was able to get on the river again. Great first trip of 2009!!


chagua said...

There is also a problem in Spain. Here there are a lot of people that do not respect the rules, and they fish out of season. Some of them even fish wih net and the worst thing is that almost everyone says nothing. Furthermore, here good fishermen are a minority and no one wants to listen to us.
Changing the issue, here we cannot put split shots in the line and we only can put weight in our flies. I don't think it's an important difference and I also think is better because the lead pollutes the water.
Today is a good fishing day, sunny and with average temperature, but I will have to resign myself.
Greetings. Fernando.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

We have the same problem over here in the USA. There are a lot of people who go out and don't listen to the regulations, and don't buy the licenses to fish. Over here we call them poachers. I've seen people jump into a fly fishing only, catch and release stream, and use bait to catch their share of trout. But of course there wasn't a game warden in sight....sigh.

Ryan said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. Take comfort in the fact that the only time I ever fished the Davidson, I was approached by a game warden who asked to see my NC fishing license, which I was happy to do. Not being familiar with the area, I found the water to be a bit cloudy and moved down to faster water where I found more tubers than fish. I know it's a great river, just bad timing on my part... I hope to get back out there soon and try it again.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Hey man, appreciate the compliment, glad you like the blog. Yeah those game wardens will sneak up on you. I've seen a lot of people breaking the law concerning tackle and what you can fish with. 2 years ago, I was on the Davidson Catch and Release fly fishing only section fishing one of the pools, when a guy walks up and jumps into the water, scares all the trout, and tosses chicken bait on a hook out into the water. Of course there wasn't a game warden in sight....sigh...

take care, Tyler, THFF

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