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Saturday, January 10, 2009
Fishing Status: Good ( A little Rain, cool, but all in all good fishing)

I DID NOT take the photo above, it's from Fish Swami.com

1.) I'm done watching the Carolina Panthers. It is simply just too depressing to watch. These guys have worked so hard and had such high aspirations of going all the way, and this ONE game stopped the cats in their tracks. Am I disappointed this Saturday? Yup. Am I still a HUGE Carolina fan? You better believe it. Maybe next year.... long sigh.

2.) On other notes, rain has started to spread into the Carolinas as an approaching cold front is inching closer. Not a complete washout, a tenth of an inch to a possible fourth of an inch is in the cards. A few showers, some clouds, cool temps...I say BWO's and fly fishing. The REAL weather story in the next few days will be the extreme cold coming down from up north. Alaska has been 55 to 70 below, which indicates that the cold air is bottled up and ready to charge south. Of course we won't see 70 below readings down here, as the cold air tends to moderate as it draws south, but late next week is going to be FRIGID. Most of Western NC will experience temperatures in the SINGLE DIGITS for lows late next week. Upper 20's to low 30's will be the case for highs Thursday and Friday. Tuesday of next week will bring a clipper system throught the area, and a few snow showers may materialize as the clipper rolls on through, but not a big event, no accumulations as of now. Thursday and Friday brings yet another chance at a little snow, and a light dusting MAY be possible. Again not another big event, and these clipper systems are usually moisture starved. We need a Gulf storm to meet up with the cold air to have a big now event, but it has eluded us for now.

3.) If you venture out to fish, you will find that fishing in the smaller streams will be best, so pick a small tributary until the main rivers start to go down. Bead Head Pheasant Tails will work as well as those small Winter black stoneflies in sizes of 16 and 18. It's a good time of year to try out some new flies and experiment a little.

4.) If any of you guys fish in the coming days, report your trip on the comments section below the post. State where you fished (or relative location of if you don't want to give away the spot), weather conditions, flies used, and how you did....


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