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Monday, January 12, 2009

1.) Here in the Charlotte area it has been on the chilly side. Not exactly what we'll see by the end of the week though, but still not warm. Rain doesn't look likely for at least the next 10 days here in the Piedmont. The high country will see a few snow showers tomorrow and then again on Thursday. The cold will be sticking around for a while, so if your an angler that doesn't mind the cold and snow, you should have a good day on the water. Trout have to eat throughout the Winter, although if the water temp gets below 40 F, the fish start to terminate their feeding for the most part and slow down. mid to upper 50's into the low 60's equals good dry fly action, as the fish tend to look up more than they would w/ lower temps. 60 F temps don't look plausible for awhile, BWO's and small midges are your best bet if you're a dry fly fisherman. Woolly Buggers, sculpin patterns, Clouser's, and various small streamers will work for the next few days. Also, using a red San Juan Worm will most likely catch a few fish. Don't forget those PT nymphs, BWO nymphs, and small black stonefly nymphs.

2.) I completely forgot about the Fly Fishing Show here in the QC. I was going to sign up as a fly tyer, but it's too late...Will do so next year. A lot of innovative fly tyers and fly casters will be there. The list includes Dick Talleur, Bob Clouser, Joe Humphreys, George Daniels, Jay "Fishy" Fullum, Steve Yates, and Dave Brandt, just to name a few. Joe Humphreys, Steve Yates, Bob Clouser, and Lefty Kreh will be at Troutfest in May. Trust me, you don't want to miss either one of these great shows.


Chris Donato said...

I will be checking in regular b/c I am hoping to fish and camp the South Mills next weekend. I need you to bring me some good weather!! j/k
I hope to have some luck.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Cool, you'll enjoy the South Mills. Scenic, lots of trout, and big ones too (reminiscent of the Davidson). Bring that -20 sleeping bag with you...temps up in the mountains will be in the lower single digits for lows late next week up in the higher elevations. Bring that ice fishing pole...cold stuff...Saturday/Sunday should be a good day...41 on Sat, and 44 on Sun. Report back and tell me how you did.

Tight lines this weekend,

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