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Wednesday, January 21, 2009
1.) It's still a cold one across the Carolinas, minus the snow. Our lawn is sporadically covered with it, but strictly confined to the shady areas. All of the snow that was out in the open has been melted by the sun's rays. All and all, the wind isn't blowing, the cold isn't unbearable, and the sun is out...not a cloud in the sky. In other words...fishing WILL get better later this week.

2.) Most streams in NC have been in the mid to lower 30's. Fly fishing for trout right now is no where near it's best, but as I said earlier, the weather will get better. Temps this Friday on one of the most sought after trout rivers in the Tar Heel State, the Davidson River in Brevard, will reach the mid to upper 50's. The water temps will have a small window of opportunity to warm a little, and maybe enough to provoke the trout into eating, but not in a habitual and consistent manner. Look on the bright side, we only have about 7 1/2 to 8 weeks before the Quill Gordons and Blue Quills start hatching in the afternoon. It's always a lot of fun to fish in a Quill Gordon Mayfly hatch. The trout will feed in a frenzy that most likely hasn't been displayed since fall. I remember the first brook trout I caught on a fly about 6 years ago at Stone Mountain State Park. That particular fish was enticed into hitting a #14 Quill Gordon during a light QG hatch. All 11 inches of this male brookie was released safely. Frankly, I can't wait until May, as the streams come ALIVE with hatching caddis, mayflies, and stoneflies. Hendricksons, March Browns, Lt. Cahills, Gray Caddis, Sulphurs, Black Caddis, Gray Foxes, and my favorite the Green Drake hatches all occur in the month of May. Also the Giant Stonefly Nymphs (Pteronarcys), basically an eastern giant salmonfly in a way, abound in many of the streams and rivers of the high country. This is exactly why us fly tiers tye ALL Winter long... in anticipation of the Spring bugs.

3.) Montana's Madison River has been fluctuating between frozen and thawed. I found this picture on Madison River Fishing Co's site...so what flies are working in this picture?...I remember fishing this section during heavy runoff last June.. Runoff and a frozen solid river are two things against an angler in MT...but, that's about it...It must have been pretty cold to stop a raging river's flow in it's tracks...The salmonflies will hatch in June and people from all 50 states will be in the river...for now, everyone is in Florida...


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