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Friday, January 16, 2009
Slow: Frigid temps...inactive trout...fly tying's the better option...

1.) First of all, if you live in the eastern tier of the country, you are probably aware of the dangerously cold weather that has established itself into the region. Highs today have been in the upper 20's here in Kannapolis, and lows tonight are forecasted to reach 5 degrees. Now, I've seen forecasted temps from different sources land us anywhere from 4 to 9, still, when it's this cold, there isn't a big deviation between the two... Kind of reminds me of the Pink Floyd song, Comfortably Numb...my hands and feet are numb for sure. The cold airmass has also brought with it EXTREMELY dry air...humidity levels hovering around 15%, and dew points 15 below. With all of this cold, snow will be possible...outside of the mountains too...Sunday night into early Monday. Accumulations look very light...a light dusting to maybe an inch...locally 2 in some spots. It would be a nice thing to see...gives us something to anticipate prior to.

Here is a few lows for selected Carolina mountain communities...Amazing stuff...(from NWS)
  1. Asheville...6
  2. Boone...4
  3. Brevard...8
  4. Mt. Mitchell...0
  5. Hot Springs...5
  6. Thunderhead Mountain (TN/NC border-GSMNP)...-1
  7. Grandfather Mtn...2
  8. Mount Airy...7
2.) You can not find many other situations more dangerous than this when fishing. I would disregard fishing for a few days until the weather warms a little. I'm concentrating on tying flies right now...trying to tie upwards of 5,000 by mid Spring. It won't be long..a week or so...until the weather warms up enough to consider taking a trip to the stream.

3.) Everyone have a good evening...stay warm....


Chris Donato said...

Pull in some warm air for next weekend Tyler!! I still plan to hit the Davidson next weekend. I thought about camping on the South Mills but it is a tad too cold for me.


Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Go get 'em man...weather looks pretty good next weekend...trout should be a little more active. What section of the D are you planning on fishing?

chagua said...

At last you have also snow there. However, here it hasn't snowed much more since the big snow storms. So now all that is melting.
You are very ambicious about tying flies. Do you need this extremely huge amount of patterns? Or do you sell them? I only need more or less than 50 flies for a whole fishing season.
Now I am going to take some pictures to my patterns and I am going to write the post I promised.
You are very lucky of going to this tying festival. Be tying at the same time with some of the best tyers is a thing to be proud of. Here in my town there is a fishing and hunting fair on April, where there was a tying contest, but from some years ago to now it has been suspended because of the short number of contestants.
Be lucky and I hope you'll be able to tye these flies.
Take care. Fernando.

Chris Donato said...

I plan to start out in the C&R section but if it gets too crowded I plan to move downstream. Last time I tried to beat it out with the crowd and got frustrated. It wasn't worth it.

I would rather catch small fish in a relaxed setting than big fish while elbowing other people out of the way.


Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Well, this morning the snow chances are looking slim, yesterday it was looking healthy, so probably not going to happen. Yeah, if I can keep my hooks in stock I'm trying to reach 5,000...that's my New Year's Resolution.

If you start out on the C&R early enough you should be able to pick your spot...Also, rain and cold isn't so bad on the "D". I fished it 2 weekends ago, and the weather was sunny, and then the clouds rolled in and the rain started to fall...everyone left the river...I was the only fisherman for miles. You shouldn't have elbow to elbow, there will probably be a good amount of fisherman there, but no where near the amount that's there in the Summer/Fall.

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