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Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Well, I have failed to post all of my pictures from out west back in June, so here they are....Amazing that if Yellowstone erupts, the mountains, rivers and the entire area will be annihilated.

Tetons near the Jackson Hole airport...not too far from the famed Snake River of Idaho.

Hebgen Lake on the Madison river in West Yellowstone MT. Great trout fishery, a lot of fisherman target Hebgen.

Result of the destructive forest fires in Yellowstone that wiped the vegetation out.

Fishing the Madison River between Hebgen and Quake Lakes.

Madison River Valley while we were on the way to Axolotl Lake high up in the Gallitan Range.
You can see towards the left-center part of the picture Ennis Lake and the town of Ennis, MT.

$3 Dollar Bridge on the Madison River. The roads in SW MT are mostly dirt like this one,
Interstate 90 and highway 287 were the one of the only paved roads we came across.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, I'm hoping to make the trek to SW MT in 2011. I'm doing Norway/Sweden next year. This year I'm staying close to home to save money for those two upcoming trips.
I'm interested in fishing Ruby and Big Hole around Wisdom MT. I'm after a species which is basically gone from our rivers.

Tight Lines

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

MT's a wild place...lots of pristine streams to fish for. The trout fishing is amazing. I fished the Ruby which was small, and very high water due to record breaking snow. I sincerly hope Yellowstone waits another few centuries before erupting...500 earthquakes in the past week...volcanologist say it's unlikey right now. Still, MT would be GONE...no more Madison, Ruby, or Gibbon Rivers.

Fishing Tales said...

Just stopped by to check out your fishing blog. Nice work!

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Thanks for knocking on my blog Fishing Tales...Checked Fishing-
Tales.com...NICE work yourself.

fly fishing in Yellowstone said...

Though the volcanologists give us unfavourable forecasts, we can still enjoy fly fishing in Yellowstone, because it's a unique place on Earth where over a thousand rivers and a thousand kilometers of creeks are come together on such a surface.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

FF in Yellowstone,

The Yellowstone is active as I type and albeit we are about 900 years over due for an eruption. IT has been 640,000 year since Yellowstone erupted, and we're overdue. Scientists say it's not likely to happen in our lifetime. The most shocking fact is that Yellowstone is rising, on average, 74 cm per year from the magma in the caldera.

It's scary to think MT, WY, ID, and most of that region will be completely annhilated.

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