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Thursday, January 29, 2009
Fishing Status: Better, but still on the slow side.

1.) I has turned out to be a great day weather wise here in the Carolinas. Much will change over the next few days. Monday night into Tuesday is looking a little interesting. A monster of a storm (I say that now and it turns out to be an insignificant nuisance...but...). This storm system will originate from the Gulf and move up the coast. There are a few scenarios that are possible with this storm. Scenario #1, the storm tracks through and west of the mountains (not looking likely), #2 the storm takes an eastern oriented track through the Piedmont. # 3, the storm stays close to the coast, and continues it's northerly track. If # 3 plays out, we may actually have a pretty hefty snowstorm here in the Carolinas, because the cold air will be able to flood into the region and a dominate snow event would take place. # 2 would most likely be limited to a mostly rain, and #1 would mean a warmer day and rain....

2.) Now that I've got the weather section done (hey, weather is a major factor in fly fishing...) I'll continue with the report. Recent days have allowed for an increase in water temps up on the trout streams, but, cold low temps have brought the temps down. There was solid ice on the truck's windshield this morning, not frost, ICE. So, temps up in the high country were considerably colder. It looks like the low to mid 40's tomorrow up in the high country ('cept for Boone where lower 30's will prevail), so fishing may be okay, but just okay. I'd still layer up and wear those Simms thermal socks and carry a cup of coffee with you down to the stream. The Davidson is fishing well right now, as well as the Tuck and the French Broad. Staying down on the low rivers will be to your advantage as the higher streams will be a lot colder. Use anything from a PT nymph to a small streamer, to a BWO nymph and possibly a BWO adult if the clouds thicken up anytime soon. Chack the hatch chart over on the right for suggested patterns right now.


chagua said...

How are you Tyler? I'm sorry, I haven't been able to share some comments because I had several exams last week. I've seen your new pictures. They look cool.
Here now is coming another storm with snow and water. There is a problem because the nearest reservoir to my town is about 90% of water and I am afraid that we'll probably have floods here.
I have been doing nothing related with fly fishing for some weeks, because, you know, studying is more important than anything else now. so I hope to do something this week end, but nothing can be promised.
Take care. Fernando.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

I've been busy with exams and a new semester, that's why I haven't been posting full psots lately...I really hope your area doesn't see flooding...that would surely wipe out all of the fish in the streams and lakes.

Take Care,

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