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Sunday, January 25, 2009
Fished the "D" yesterday, and did well for a cold Winter day. I managed to catch 2, the first one was a 17 inch brown that took a # 22 Parachute BWO...I'm still kicking myself for this, but, the second fish was a MONSTER brown, well, I'd say he was a "brownbow" as he leaped jumped like a rainbow, but halfway through the fight, he peeled 15 feet of line off my reel, and then took off into a bunch of limbs and drowned rhododendron roots which is a charcteristic of a brown trout...once hooked, head down deep and hid under limbs and roots....Anyways, the fish broke my 6x tippet before I was able to bring him in even remotely to my net. The fish had to weigh around 6 pounds, and as long as 25-26 inches...I'm sticking with that idea...Other than breaking off a bohemoth of a fish, the "D" treated me well...can't wait until the next trip.


tennswede said...

I'm glad someone is fishing. Anyway, do you know of any good forest service campgrounds in the area? I'm thninking about a spring trip in May.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Hey Tennswede,
There are PLENTY of forest service campgrounds in the NC. Heres a great link that lists names, info, open dates, fees, facilities, parking, etc...


My personal favorite is the Davidson River Campground located on the Davidson River in Brevard NC (just south of Asheville). I would recommend camping on a weekday, or even camping in the early Spring or late Fall, as crowds are bad in the Summer...but, the fishing is just about the best you can find in the state...the river is on Trout Unlimited's top 100 trout streams in North America...My follow up campground would be the Elkmont Campground in the GSMNP. It's on the Little River, which is also another renowned stream. Both of these campgrounds are operated by the Park Service.

Chris Donato said...

Nicely done....I hope to have my Davidson report up soon...waiting on my buddy to send me the pictures!


Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Hey Chris,
Thanks...fishing was great for a cold day, and I was able to explore the "D" more extensively. I will be back on the river soon...I hope. For now tying, tying and more tying.

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