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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Fishing Status: Slow (brutally cold air will slow angling down a lot)

1.) This week has flown somewhat. Don't have any clue as to how...Haven't fished this week, so suprised. For all of you fly fisherman out there who are itching to get on the stream (I know, I'm with ya), well, you will have to dodge some BRUTALLY cold weather late this week. Friday, temps will "recover" into the upper 20's. Temps early Saturday morning will range from 7-13 in the soutern Piedmont of NC. The mountains will be MUCH colder...negatives in a few spots. Mt Mitchell...HA..don't even want to see the temp for the highest peak east of the Mississippi here in NC. Sunday may be a flyfisherman's best chance to catch a few fish. Highs will be relatively warm...low 40's in the Piedmont...mid 30's in the mnts, but it beats 5 degrees for sure.

2.) Fishing will definately be slow, and will only get slower as we progress into Thursday and Friday. If you do venture out, bring small midge patterns (adult and larvae) with you. Midges are an anglers best friend in the cold Winter months. You probably won't come across any hatching Blue Winged Olives, but fishing BWO nymphs may bring success in the usual sizes of #18-22. If you do go out to the river, I can't stress enough how important it is to be careful when around water this time of year...fall in and hypothermia will give you NO mercy.

3.) I contacted the president of the Carolina Fly Fishing Club, and I'll be down in Charlotte tying at the Lyin' and Tyin' 2009 event on January 30th-31st. Looking forward to it...It's during the Fly tying Show, so there will be an adequate amount of fly tyers and fly fisherman in Charlotte.

4.) Everyone have a good one...more tomorrow.


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