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Saturday, September 20, 2008
This is not a complete recommended flies chart. It's a basic outline of the types of flies that are working right now. Nonetheless, try some of these. Updated on a monthly basis. 


  • #12-16 Hot Wire Prince
  •  #12-16 Prince Nymph
  • #12-16 San Juan Worms (A chartreuse San Juan will imitate an inchworm very well).
  • #12-18 Hise's Hetero-Genius
  • #14-18 Copper Johns
  • #20-30 Thread midges (red, black, olive, tan)#14-20 Pheasant Tail Nymph (BH or no BH)
  • BH Lightning Bug #14-18


  • #12-16 Stimulator (Yellow Stimis are working the best)
  • #12-14 Turk's Turantula
  • #12-18 Royal Wulff
  • #12-18 Adams/Para Adams
  • #14-20 Elk Hair Caddis
  • #18-22 BWO
  • #18-26 Griffith's Gnat
  • #20-30 Thread midges (red, black, olive, tan)
  • #8-10 Woolly Buggers (black, olive, white, etc)
  • #14 Hendrickson
  • #14 Female Adams
  • #12 Isonychias

Streamers (best during high, stained to muddy water)

  • #4-6 Zonker
  • #6 Zoo Cougar
  • #8-10 Woolly Buggers
  • #8-10 Slumpbuster
  • #6-10 Foxee Red Minnow

    Terrestrials are everywhere and the fish know it!

      • #12-18 Beetle
      • #14-22 Ant (dry or wet)
      • #8-14 Hoppers
      • #12-16 Inchworm (foam, deer, etc)
      • #12-14 Green Weenie (In my opinion, the best fly an angler can fish right now. It's a fish magnet.)


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