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Saturday, September 27, 2008

1.) Well the mountains (especially the southern half of the NC mountains) didn't get enough rain to really make the water go up substantially. I guess that goes to show you that fly fisherman aren't exactly always truthful. Anywho, here in Kannapolis we received about an inch of rain according to the CoCoRaHS website. The Davidson River area over near Brevard received only approximately 0.03 inches. Still, streams aren't stagnant by any means, but they will be if rain doesn't regularly come. Boone on the other hand received plenty of rain. According to CoCoRaHS, they accumulated up to 3.12 inches. This is more than enough to bring the Watauga back up. Currently 'tauga is at 200 cfs. This is 95 cfs above average. Hit the Watauga if you can instead of the Davidson. I think the trout on the"D" need to get a break from us fisherman, until the water reaches 40 cfs or more.

2.) Not much has changed from yesterday's report. The exception would be the Watauga, South/North Toe, Linville, and New River, which all received hefty amounts of rain from this low pressure, so using big streamers, and large black stonefly nymphs will catch the most fish.

3.) We are currently thinking about possibly taking a fly fishing trip up in the Smokies later in November or early December. We may camp in one of the many campgrounds in the park. Most likely it will be Elkmont on the Tennessee side of the park; hopefully it won't snow up there, because the Smokies almost regularly get snow by December, even though it is mostly limited to night and higher elevations. I am preparing for a trip back to the Smokies, in Townsend Tennessee in May, where I am teaching and demonstrating the techniques used to tie my flies, at Troutfest. I think Troutfest will be a very productive event.

4.) The Panthers play tomorrow, against Atlanta, and I don't have any clue as to who will take the win. We'll see.


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