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Friday, September 26, 2008

1.) Man, am I glad to see the weekend. This week has gone by way to slow. Fridays are always good days for me, while Mondays are the worst.

2.) It has been raining ever since about 9 PM last night. Forecasters are saying the rain will be out of here by at the latest noon of tomorrow. Here in Kannapolis, the temperature is sitting at 65 as of 4:00. The wind has died down, and the rain isn't heavy, but a steady rain nonetheless. This low pressure that is bringing all of this rain, looks more like a tropical storm, or a weak hurricane, due to it's spin and defined "eye". Things shape up and look much better by late Saturday and the rest of the weekend.

3.) Water levels are rising; although some mountain rivers and streams aren't high and have not increased their water flow, it will change over the next couple of hours or so. Here are some current water levels from the USGS.

  • Davidson River at Brevard, 27 cfs...average is 97 cfs (33 cfs below normal)

  • Watauga River near Sugar Grove, 33 cfs...average is 77 cfs (44 cfs below normal)

  • Nantahala River near Rainbow Springs, 47 cfs...average is 107 cfs (60 cfs below normal)

  • South Toe River near Celo, 111 cfs...average is 100 cfs (11 cfs above normal)

  • Oconaluftee River at Birdtown, 96 cfs...average is 259 cfs (163 cfs below normal)

  • Cataloochee Creek near Cataloochee, 17 cfs...average is 52 (35 below normal)

4.) If you decide to wet a line today or the first half of tomorrow, expect BWO's to be hatching, due to the cooler weather, and cloudy dreary conditions. As you can see above, the trout streams are on their way back up, and when they get full, fish will tackle a big Zonker or streamer. Dredging the bottom with a #8 black stonefly nymph may also get some fish on the board. With all of this rain, some streams may be muddy, and if so, use this opportunity to fish with 3x and 4x tippet. If your stream is still low and flowing clear, stick with small nymphs and dries, as well as light tippets(6x-8x). BWO nymphs in sizes 16-20 would be perfect. Also carry some Copper Johns, Hare's Ears, and PT Nymphs in sizes of 14-20). Try a Green Weenie, they seem to work this time of year. If you plan on heading out to the river, bringing your waders and wading boots, are equally as important as bringing your fly rod, because of the cold water temps.


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