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Saturday, April 24, 2010
The yellow sallies that is, not the Poltergeist. The little yellow stones are really starting to pop across a lot of areas in western North Carolina. Once you start seeing the Yellow Sallies, the Light Cahills follow pretty quickly. Last August was the last time I saw the Yellow Sallies. We were camping in the Smokies right alongside Little River (TN side of the Park) at Elkmont Campground. They started to hatch around 9:00 that evening. From 9:00 until midnight they were crashing into the Coleman lantern I had sitting next to my vise as I tied. Instantly, they would fall over charred and half melted. Fried sallies were scattered all over the table.

After the hatches of May, the terrestrials come out to play in late May/June and continue on through the summer. We're entering the month of May here in a few days, which means hatches all of a sudden start to explode. May is the climax of the year in terms of numbers of species of bugs that hatch. The myriad of  insects that hatch out next month is overwhelming! Light Cahills, Green Drakes, Hendricksons, Gray Foxes, a caddis buffet, and midges of all kinds (just to name a few) are all preparing to hatch. We're already seeing the other half hatching right now: Yellow Sallies, March Browns, Hendricksons, caddis, etc.  If you fish in the evenings, a mask of some sort may help if the caddis hatch out in numbers!! It seems as if they're sole mission is to suffocate anglers on the river. They swarm by the millions sometimes. Don't worry about a good drift or what fly you have on the end of your rig. Just throw something out there and the caddis will cover it up!! It's an amazing sight to see for sure.

The dog-days of summer are bearing down on us. Camping, summer hatches, and fishing until dusk are right around the corner. I don't know about you, but bring it on!!


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