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Thursday, April 15, 2010
 Sulfur mayfly (Courtesy Chatahoochee/Nantahala Trout Unlimited)

Sounds like the Sulfurs can't resist the tempting warm weather. One of the guys over on the forum reported that he saw Sulfurs up on the Mitchell River yesterday. He also added that they were hatching in pretty good numbers. Sulfurs will increasingly occur first at the lower elevation streams and then overtime higher elevation streams will see these little yellow mayflies. A yellow bodied mayfly imitation, such as a Sulfur Dun, Jim Charlie, Sulfur Comparadun, Sulfur Thorax, or a Sulfur Sparkle Dun will work well.

Next in line on the hatch train is the the Light Cahills. The first Light Cahill hatches should occur soon. Probably around the end of the month. Dare I say that some folks have spotted a few terrestrials. Not really enough to say terrestrial season has started, but enough to remind you that the season is literally right around the corner. Bring it on!!


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