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Sunday, April 18, 2010
 I finally resolved the camera issue: forgot to turn the macro setting on. After weeks of trying to figure it out, I finally pressed one button and images were as clear as a bell when taking up close snaps of flies. I don't feel so bright!!

Anyways, here are some recent hair balls...

        Legg's Vinyl Rib Stone
 After a good while of sitting behind the tying bench, I came up with this stonefly nymph. The combination of undulant ostrich herl and rubber legs makes for a lifelike stone. It's heavily weighted with lead and a BH, so it gets down to the fish pretty quickly. I will be tying these at Troutfest next month.

Hook: 3x long Nymph or streamer hook bent to form thorax.
Thread: Brown or rusty 6/0
Tail: Brown goose biots
Body: Brown vinyl rib
Underbody: Dubbing to make the body more bulky
Thorax: Gray ostrich herl
Legs: Rubber legs (brown or black)
Antenna: Rubber legs
Head: Black 3/16" bead

        Burkholder's Club Sandwich

Hook: TMC 5212
Thread: Yellow or tan 6/0
Body: Gray, tan, and yellow 2mm foam
Legs: brown or black rubber legs
Indicator: 2mm yellow foam

       Burkholder's Club Sandwich (chartreuse underbody)
I got a kick out of what Derek Young, a guide out in Washington State told me...  "it looks like that female hippie Muppet thing".  I think I should have closed the head a little!! I have to agree with Derek... It does look like a Muppet... Just saying...

Recipe is same as above, except the underbody is chartreuse 2mm foam.

Caddis Larvae

Hook: TMC 2457
Thread: 6/0 black
Tail: 3 strands of black ostrich herl
 Body: Caddis green dubbing
Shellback: black Thin Skin
Rib: Copper wire
Thorax: Black ostrich herl
Head: 1/8" black bead

Wiggle Stone

Front hook: TMC 2457
Rear hook: TMC 3761
Thread: Black 6/0
Tail: 2 Black rubber legs
Body: Black Thin Skin wrapped to form segmented body
Thorax: Ostrich and peacock herl
Legs: Black rubber legs
Antennae: Black rubber legs
Head: Black 3/16" bead


Bill Trussell said...

Really realistic. Those bentback stones are awesome. I know you would fish them as a nymph but would you use an indcitor or just dead drift them? All the files are so realistic. Great Job!!! by the way I still don't know what is wrong with your link on blogs showing your last post entry. On my blog it shows your last post at 5 weeks.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

I sometimes fish them with an indicator, but usually I fish the Bentback without one. I've found that fish take them hard and don't lightly grab it, so most of the time it's pretty easy to detect strikes. I also tie on a lead fly behind it (San Juan Worm, Copper John, Pheasant Tail etc). In some cases, the stone attracts the fish and then they feel more comfortable taking the smaller lead fly.

If you are using an indicator, a Thingamabobber will hold up a heavily weighted fly like the Bentback...


Bill Trussell said...

So Tyler you are saying that you fish them kinda of tight lining, and keepiing in contact with the fly at all times. I like the lead fly concept. Have you fished them with the indicator? I will be fishing the Caney the next month and was wondering if these flies would be good to use in some of the areas I fish there?

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Exactly. If you can, high stick the nymph, it usually helps towards keeping the line tight.

I've fished it with a Thingamabobber before. They stay afloat, even when you have a big, heavy fly like the Bentback below it.

Midges and smaller flies seem to be the ticket on the Caney. You'll be out on the Caney Fork in the middle of sulfur season, which is good!! But, generally midges will produce the best results over there. Still, try a hopper and see if you can entice some fish to the surface...

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