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Wednesday, June 17, 2009
1.) It's a stormy evening over here in east Tennessee. If the rain keeps falling like it has been, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) will probably begin the slow process of letting all of the excess water out of the lakes. If you're fishing any of the tailwaters in east TN such as the Caney Fork, Clinch, South Holston, etc, be sure to check the water levels. Matter of fact, if your fishing on any of TN or NC's rivers, stream levels will likely spike. Check the stream levels over on the left hand column. Just click on your river and it will take you to the realtime data. As of right now, the Smokies are getting hit pretty hard by a few nasty cells that are putting down torrential rain, hail, and damaging winds. The storms down here aren't nearly as severe as the storms that have erupted in the Midwest and Ohio areas. The Weather Channel motioned that there is a severe t'storm warning for a county I believe is in Ohio. They said the super cell t'storm is packing winds upwards of 100 mph (not form a tornado) with baseball size hail and a confirmed tornado on the ground. Also steady winds of 60 mph were reported for a consecutive 15-20 minutes. I would sure hate to be an angler fishing a steelhead stream up there with 100 mph winds and baseball size hail.

2.) We may get out and fish the Tellico River sometime next week. We went on an outing Tuesday with the church and we drove along the Tellico River and Citico region prior to driving up through the rugged terrain of the Nantahala National Forest on the way to Robbinsville, NC. I couldn't help but notice the text book examples of runs, pools, riffles, and seams. At times, I could see a few shadows in one of the flats on the river. Knowing me it was my mind saying "yea, that's gotta be a fish". The Tellico is the birthplace of the famed Tellico Nymph. The Hiwassee has eluded me, but hopefully I'll get to fish it a few times in the coming weeks. I may have the chance to fish with an active Trout Unlimited member that is with the Hiwassee River Chapter of TU that goes to our church here in town. From what I know, he is very experienced with the Hiwassee and it's fishing. I'm not, nor have I ever been a tailwater/big water fly fisherman. I've grown up and fished in the small to medium freestoners in Western NC. I have fished tailwaters before along with the big waters out in Montana, but I have always specialized in mountain freestone streams. The hatchery section of the Davidson River is about the closest you can get to an east TN tailwater in NC. It encompasses the hatches of a tailwater (the smallest midges you will ever see along with small BWO'S and a few other major hatches), monster fish (including Graham Sturgis' MONSTER Davidson River Brown Trout), and relatively slow water. Once they get this big, calling them "brownies" doesn't cut it. I address them as sharks.

No, it isn't a whale...!! Check out the massive tail on this guy. Looks like a fan...Graham Sturgis sure did catch a fish of a lifetime. Period. Maybe Larry Dahlberg could do an episode of "Hunt for Big Fish" on the Davidson. I'd watch it...
3.) We now have an Orvis store coming to Charlotte. It's opening by Christmas. It's about time we get one here in the Charlotte area. Check the story out below...
4.) I hope everyone has a nice evening and thanks for stopping by and reading.


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