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Monday, June 29, 2009
1.) A few friends from my grandparent's church asked if I wanted to go....well, errrr....catfishing on the Tennessee. I told them it's been years since I've baitfished. Regardless, I told them I'll try catfishing, but, I didn't think I would be much of a competition. I was, for the most part, pretty skeptical of a successful outcome by the end of the day. The last time I baitfished was back in 2007 when we went to Florida. We rented a canal front house and I fished from sunset until sundown. I used live shrimp, just simply because the house owners told me that the fish in the canal would just simply not take anything else, including a fly. I'm a strict long rodder, but I simply couldn't pass up the opportunity. We left at 7:15 in the morning, I put the fly rod in the boat and we headed north to Watts Bar Dam on the Big "T". After launching the boat into the water via the boat ramp, we traveled the short quarter of a mile boat ride to the dam. Between the 3 of us, we caught 6 fish...(A mix of large channels and big blues). I figured out that cats can fight pretty darn hard. One of the Blue Catfish I caught left my drag SCREAMING and leaving myself almost hanging out of the side of the boat. After catching the largest one of the trip, a 30 inch, 12 pound Blue, I thought to myself, "lemon sharks in the Keys on the fly would be fun"... Parker, one of the guys on the trip, hooked into a nice Blue and he was dancing around the boat while the fish traveled from one side of the boat to the other. They told me that there are a lot of gar in the river and in the lake. I'm tempted to tie up a few rope flies for gar and strictly use the fly rod on the next trip.

2.) All and all a very fun trip. It was great hanging out with a few friends for the day. With all of this said, I'm sorry Lord, for my sins please forgive me... :) I need some trout...


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