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Friday, June 12, 2009
1.) All I have to say is "MAJOR skunking" for me on the Davidson. The fish were not cooperative at all. I did get numerous strikes, including a fight with a rainbow for 5 seconds before he popped the fly out. Sometimes the fish are overly eager to grab your fly, other times, not so much. Oh well, maybe next time...

2.) After biting my teeth on the "D". We decided to head up to the headwaters of Looking Glass Creek to fish for wild rainbows and specs. I did manage to catch a few wild rainbows on an inchworm. I tied on the old #12 Turk's Turantula, and got several hits from the resident brook trout, but upon further inspection, the fly was a tad to big for these fish to actually get the fly in their mouth. Overall, a great trip, albeit the fishing wasn't at it's best...

Working a pool on Looking Glass Creek (Quality is horrible for the rest of the pictures.)

2.) Heading out of town once again tomorrow. Tennessee bound this go around. I will be over in Vols country until mid-late August.

3.) I'm buying the $81 non resident all-fish w/ trout stamp license for TN. $81 for an annual non resident!! Sheesh.

4.) This is definately worth mentioning/recommending....Prior to heading out to the river, I swung by Davidson River Outfitters as I needed some strike indicators. I grabbed a pack of strike indicators called "Thingamabobbers"... I'm glad I found them. I've heard of them before, but I just never got around to using them. Even the small sizes of Thingamabobbers will float like a cork even though you have a huge fly that is weighted heavily. They're a little to big to use on the Davidson, as using a dry fly for an indicator is probably best. If you ever fish big water such as the Tuckasegee, French Broad, South Holston, Clinch, Watauga, etc, I highly recommend this strike indicators.


Tony said...

Looks like a sweet place to fish..$81 seems crazy, I guess I'll find out what it costs here in Utah soon enough. We do a lot of bait fishing in the high mountain lakes when the snow melts off:)

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

I know, It might just be better to keep my annual resident NC license for $20 and make the 45 minute trip to another river.

Travis said...

I second the thingamabobber. I use the 1/2" size, and never use anything else. Also, TN's $81 OoS license is steep, but I guess people continue to pay it.

Shoot me an email if you want to get together while you are in Vols country. Maybe we could meet up and I could show you around on the Clinch.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Hey Travis,

I have been using the 1/2" Thingamabobbers as well. They work wonders. I'm still amazed by the fact that they float like a cork regardless of how much weight it's holding up. They slide up and down the leader easily, which is very convienient.

$81 is pretty steep, but, I guess I'm willing to pay for an OOS license if it means I get to fish all of the famous tailwaters here in East TN. Now, $33.50 for 3 days is pretty outrageous...

We may be up around the Clinch later on in the Summer (maybe as soon as early July) I'll certainly shoot you an e-mail if we do head up that way. I need an experienced Clinch River angler to show me around.

Take Care,

chagua said...

Hello Tyler, I'm back after my last exams and I'm free at last!!!
I wish you better luck the next time.I've just arrived from a fishing destination and I have only managed to catch five small fish during the hole weekend.
Greetings. Fernando.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Hey Fernando,

Exams have eaten me alive too! I'm glad Summer is finally here, it definately means more time to fish.

fly fisher said...

the davidson is one of the most fished rivers in nc a trout fishing guide im friends with said lines of people on the banks even fist fights dang tourist aholes dont give room to fish dont even bother fishin there.

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