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Wednesday, March 11, 2009
1.) The hatches are occurring as I type, not exactly in huge numbers, but more sporadic in nature. Most of the bugs that are hatching are Blue Quills with a few Quill Gordons mixed in. A few anglers have even reported seeing a few small black caddis and a couple of brown stoneflies. Again, we are still anticipating the "monster hatch", which so far has eluded us for the most part. The south is about to get a wake-up call starting tomorrow, and then dropping like a rock on Friday with highs struggling to make it out of the 30's for highs across the Piedmont with significantly cooler temps in the mountains. It was in the lower 80's today...By Friday, we will cut the 80 in half, in return for 40 degree readings. With the cold air, rain may be an ongoing sight through Wednesday of next week. A 60% chance Friday, a 40% chance Saturday-Tuesday, and a 30% chance next Wednesday prior to warming back up into the upper 50's and low 60's by Wednesday and beyond. Keep in mind that albeit the air temps will start to become chilly again, the water temps will still somewhat retain the warmth for a day or two after it starts getting cold...In other words, good fishing can still be had as we progress through this late winter "cold spell".

2.) From what I I've seen as well as past experiences, Green Weenies are working well right now, as well as Quill Gordon nymphs/wets (maybe a dry). Isonychia Bicolors (Anglers use the Adams fly to imitate these) are sporadically hatching in a few spots across the mountains. Sticking with a nymph, be it a stonefly nymph, Lightning Bug, or PT nymph, you will likely have more success rather than presenting dries. Unless we see a good number of bugs hatching at one time and the trout enter a frenzy and become selective, nymphs are probably better to use.


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