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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
1.) Where did all the rain go? The ongoing classic NC wedge has now eroded as well as the moisture transport that allowed for continuous rain showers since late last week. It's now in the lower 60's across most Piedmont locations. According to the ten-day, we will gradually warm up and then gradually cool down and then once again warm up and so on...The ups and downs in weather never fail...especially from late Fall through mid Spring. We have had record breaking temps in the teens as early as the middle of November while surprise early Spring snowstorms have occurred in late March. Welcome to the Tar Heel State. Home of wild weather.
2.) There are still reports of Quill Gordons, Blue Quills and Black Caddis out on the streams. They still aren't hatching in impressive numbers, but I would say over the next few days rivers will see more bug activity. If you're fishing in the next few weeks, consider using Black Caddis patterns, as anglers have reported seeing B. Caddis activity. I came up with a pattern that is absolutely DEADLY on the Davidson River...I dubbed the name "Tyler's Realistic Black Caddis", which is relatively easy to tie, but still can be tough during certain steps. About a year ago, I was on the Davidson, trying to match the hatch and find the best bug for the job. Since it was late March, I figured that Black Caddis were most likely imminent, so I tied on one of my TRBC's after minutes of digging around in my boxes. I performed a roll cast to a nice looking brown trout on the opposite side of the river that has refused virtually all of my other offerings, but, right when I saw the fly hit the water, he attacked my creation of foam, marabou, and moose mane with reckless abandon. Ever since I have always carried at least a few of these patterns with me.

(Lead and possibly a black BH are needed)
Hook: Any curved scud hook
Thread: Black 6/0
Body: Black nymph dubbing w/ 2mm foam back
Wing: Black marabou shaped and formed with small amounts of Dave's Flexament
Legs: Moose mane or black deer hair


chagua said...

Hi Tyler, how are you? Spanish season is nearly to be opened. At last I will be able to fish a bit.Here temps are very high and there is no cloud for weeks.I think I saw this pattern somewhere in other of your websites. It's very good I'll try to tye it.
Greetings. Fernando.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Hey Fernando,

I haven't heard from you in a while. Glad the season is finally about to open over there. I haven't had much time to fish lately, so I know how it feels!

Tight lines,
Tyler, THFF

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