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Friday, March 27, 2009
1.) Finally Friday has come...Slowly, but it's here. What a Friday it's been...rainy, warm and overcast. BWO's anyone? Severe storms are looking plausible tomorrow afternoon across the Carolinas. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a NOAA weather radio especially at night. Tomorrow may have the potential for a few "porch-pounders". Tornadoes are also possible....isolated, but possible. Sunday will mark the beginning of the clearing out process, and the sun will finally come out. We have seen a heck of a lot of rain this year. Still not quite enough to stop the drought, but we'll take what we can get. I hope this fishing season isn't as bad as last year. Last summer brought hot temperatures (upper 90's in late May and early June), and not to mention the PROLONGED drought across the state...Especially the mountains. Spring and Fall are the prime fly fishing seasons for NC anglers.

2.) Fishing will be great once the rain and storms are gone by Sunday. Water levels are high, but after a few days fishing will be exceptional. Most fish can be caught on large streamers as of now, due to the high water. Zonkers, Buggers, Galloup's Zoo Cougar's, Sculpzillas, Slumpbusters, etc should catch plenty. BWO's may also work, as the rain, warm air, and overcast skies tend to bring them out. Black Caddis are still out as well as Quill Gordons, Blue Quills, and a few brown stoneflies. If you can, try to stay on the bank and out of the water. This will minimalize the fish spooking from seeing you.

Here's a few selected stream flows:
  • Davidson River @ Brevard...452 cfs (average is 192)
  • Nantahala River @ Rainbow Springs...496 cfs (average is 317)
  • Oconoluftee River @ Birdtown...916 cfs (average is 859)
  • Watauga River @ Sugar Grove...173 cfs (average is 270)
  • South Toe River @ Celo...477 cfs (average is 226)
  • Mitchell River @ State Road...103 (average is 159)
  • Tuckasegee River @ Bryson City...2,550 cfs (average is 2,810 cfs)
  • Cataloochee Creek @ Cataloochee...153 cfs (average is 216)

All in all, most of the streams are looking good in terms of water levels.

3.) Thankyou for stopping by and reading. Everyone have a good weekend and tight lines.


dsflyfishing said...

I'm in So Cal, and I just tied some zoo cougars. I'm heading out next weekend to give them a try.

: )

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Kelly Galloup's Zoo Cougar is a hit out there in the west and here in the east alike. Great for big brown trout and smallmouths...Hope you catch 'em out next weekend..

Tight Lines,

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