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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Fishing Status: Good (warm, but periodically rainy throughout the week.)

1.) Today is the last day of March, which is still leaving me dumbfounded. April 1st is tomorrow folks...Where did the time go? Ready or not (I know I am) the summer fishing season is just around the corner. All of the flies anglers have tied over the long, cold winter will soon be put to the test from June until September. With the ongoing storms ringing in healthy amounts of rain, along with several snowstorms, this summer may shape up to be a lot better than last year's conditions. "Abnormally dry" is the status from roughly I77 east, and then from approximately the Pee Dee River east the drought has been contained. (areas adjacent to the coast are in an abnormally dry state...). Also, the hot temperatures NC has experienced in the summer has really affected the fisheries in the state. Basically, when the water temp rises to 70 or above, trout start dying. Without the rhododendron overhanging the streams, a lot of the trout simply would never make it through a summer. Rhododendron aren't just fly nappers, they keep those trout alive in the heat of the summers by providing shade.

2.) Fishing report~ Water levels are looking great if you plan on heading out to your favorite trout stream over the next few days. On warm days, the trout will be looking up. Dry flies to use include Elk Hair Caddis, Stimulators, Quill Gordons (wet and dry), Blue Quills, Adams, Para Adams and most attractor dries (Trudes, Wulffs, etc). Nymphs~ Copper Johns, Lightning Bugs, Pheasant Tail Nymphs, Red Fox Squirrel Nymphs, and even Y2K's and Pat's Rubber Legs. If you are still not catching any fish on these patterns, pull out a Fat Albert or something along the lines of a Fat Albert. Most fish have not seen these types of patterns since last Summer/early fall, so they may be willing to investigate the fly.

3.) Thankyou for stopping by and reading. Everyone have a good week and tight lines.


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