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Monday, March 2, 2009

Fishing Status: Poor (cold temps through mid week will slow the fishing down.)

1.) The Blizzard of March 1st has moved through the area and now has traversed out of the state. It's hard to believe that this storm originated in eastern Montana and progressed through the plains states, then through western Tennessee (where Memphis received a foot). Across the NC Piedmont, snow totals ranged from an inch to 10". Gaston county folks where underneath an intense and heavy snow band for at least 2-3 hours, which in return amounted to 9-10". Here in Cabarrus county we received 4" with a few communities receiving 5-6". Jim Cantore, affiliated with the Weather Channel was reporting live here in Charlotte, so it had to be a big storm. All in all it was a very beneficial snowfall, as the short term drought is better, and the long term drought is getting there. It will be another cold one tomorrow, although not as cold as today. We still have to get through tonight's FRIGID and I mean FRIGID temps. Tonight's lows will in general drop to the lower teens, and will range from about 10-15 degrees. Don't be too surprised if a few rural areas get down to the upper single digits (9 or so) by tomorrow. After the cold, the warmth will soon follow, and upper 60's to low 70's will be ushered in by late week. Fishing will improve soon!

2.) As the temps start to rise towards the middle of the week and especially late in the week, the fishing will improve. Still no sign of quill gordons, but seeing that the temps will be warm, this weekend may yield a few QG's. Really, the criteria for the start of the quill gordon hatch is at least 5 days of warm weather (water temps too) for the bugs to start coming off the water. Just carry a few QG patterns with you if you head out to the stream late this week.

3.) Thank you for stopping by and reading...I may have another post up tomorrow...


chagua said...

How are you Tyler? I have seen the huge snowstorm on the news and it seems to be amazing, all that huge amount of snow everywhere. Have you had to go to school?
Here more rain and lower temps ....
And too many exams.
Greetings. Fernando.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Yeah, we got dumped on yesterday. It was pretty amazing to say the least...the snow totals were unreal in a few areas...We have been out of school yesterday and today. The snow is melting rapidly, and by this weekend we will be in the 70's.

Take Care,

farioreo said...

It is probably the same snow that left 7 inches here in missouri last saturday.yesterday it was 76 and today will be 70.I will keep saying;if you live close to a trout stream,the snow and rain should be welcome.Have a good day.Alberto.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

We saw the same storm system you guys saw Saturday. It hit us Sunday evening and snowed all night.
The snow in MO was pretty bad (or good depending on your preference of snow amounts). If I'm not mistaken, the MO Boot Leg region received a pretty hefty amount last week from the storm. It's hard to believe the whole storm originated in Montana and eventually moved across the Northeast and up towards the Canadian Maritimes so quickly. 7 inches of snow one day and 75 degrees the next...Crazy to say the least. Welcome to the southeast...

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