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Monday, March 23, 2009
1.) It has been a great day weather wise across the entire state. Most folks Piedmont wide, saw temps hit the 70 degree mark today. Tomorrow will be a few degrees cooler, with mid to upper 60's, but come Wednesday, the temperatures will take a nose dive and upper 40's and low 50's are making the day on Wednesday look dreary, as well as rainy. As we progress into Thursday, a cold front that is producing severe storms and sporadic tornadoes over the upper mid west will roll through the area, with it bringing storms, some of which could be on the strong side...We are getting to that time of year where a NOAA weather radio is almost an absolute necessity. Especially when we have the threat of super cell thunderstorms during the night time hours that spawn uncommon, but very real threats....tornadoes.

Although rare, tornadoes do occasionally occur in the Tar Heel State.

2.) Now, after drifting to non-angling talk, here's the report...Fishing has been fine across most areas in the mountains. The only thing to think twice about fishing is the usual South Mountains State Park, but only due to the decrease of fish (Probably not many left). Poachers have been horrible over the years in South Mnts. Usually in an average year, the fish are all gone by the first day of Spring. It's that bad over there. Also flooding of the Jacob Fork River a few years back has flushed out the thriving populations of trout, aiding in more frustration of anglers. If you really want to see and have a chance at consistently catching fish, try fishing Stone Mountain. The East Prong of the Roaring Fork is stocked, in good shape, and should be great until probably late June to early July. I did see a few small Gray Drakes on Saturday, along with a lot of tiny cream midges that were about a size 46....Bugs are hatching. This includes sporadic Quill Gordon, Blue Quills, and a few Gray Drakes, small black caddis, small brown stoneflies, and cream midges. Tippet sizes should be around 5x-6x. I used 5x all day Saturday, and I think I could have got away with 4x in a few spots, but really your catch rate will improve with 6x on. Since the water is clear, wear drab colored clothing (gray, black, brown, camouflage even). Stay low, and staying on the back and minimalizing wading can also help catch rates.
3.) Thankyou for stopping by and taking the time to read. Everyone have a good week and tight lines.


Fish Whisperer said...

I hate poachers. As far as I am concerned they should all be shot on site. That being said I hope you get a chance to wet a line.
tight lines

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Yup, I don't like them either. What once was a great fishery, is now wasted from worthless poachers...An increase in game wardens would really help.


farioreo said...

Just got back from spring break and later on my Tigers take on the Huskies.didnt realize poaching could be a BIG problem overthere.Why? are these fished stocked and easy prey?do they sell them ,eat them or what?poached by nets,poison or rod and reel?Cold,ice,snow here today.Take care.Alberto.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Hey Alberto,

Poaching over here in NC is bad on a few streams. From what I've heard, they use rods/reels, nets, and just about everything else, but the major problem is the issue of never having a game warden(s) around at the right time....The weather over in your neck of the woods is pretty impressive. It's almost April and the snow and ice is still not wanting to leave...Sheesh

Take Care and tight lines,
Tyler, THFF

farioreo said...

A few steep fines should deal with the poachers...if the game warden cacthes them.Hope he does even if he has to taser their butts!take care.Alberto.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

I'd settle with a $350 fine...Heck take em to jail for a few days...Poaching is a fly fisherman's worst enemy.

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