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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

1.) Today is the 2nd day of December....where does time go? It seems like it was 85 degrees yesterday..(well not that easy, given that we have seen 40's for highs and 20's for lows. Speaking of cold, get ready for some REAL cold stuff by mid December. Modeling is really wanting to put some truly Arctic....or even polar air into the east. No snow yet, but the GFS is flip flopping back and forth on a bit of freezing rain early next Tuesday morning into the late morning hours. Not a lock yet, and can't tell you how much, or even when it's going to exactly hit the area. With that being said, the pattern looks very conducive for more arctic cold air and Gulf storms, so maybe we'll get a good snow event in the near future.

2.) The tailwaters over in Tennessee and here in NC are really showing great consistency. Anglers have been hooking fish of truly scary proportion. Give one of the TW's a try...the freestone spring creeks are very slow, and the fish are taking it easy. Until we can get a few consecutive days of upper 50's or low 60's, the streams won't warm up much. If you have cabin fever, and really want to wet a line, and tailwaters aren't a convenient choice, fishing the freestoners should be fine as long as you follow a few tips....

  1. THE # ONE tip is to dress in layers. I like to use Under Armour or Simms Waderwick under a regular long sleeve fishing shirt, with either a quality wading jacket or a moisture wicking fleece. Don't forget those Glacier Gloves either. Layers will allow you to stay warm during the coldest part of fishing, until the air warms up a little, and you need to shed a layer or two.

  2. Remember when fly fishing for trout, always use the appropriate amount of weight corresponding to the water depth and the trout's preferred feeding lane (which usually isn't too impressive this time of year).

  3. Use dark colored flies. In the Winter, the insects trout feed on are for the most part, small and dark colored. There aren't any light cahills and light hendricksons in December, so think according to the season.

  4. One of the best things you can do to catch trout in the Winter, is to make sure the fly nearly hits the trout. If your fly is 4 feet away from a fish in 25 degree weather, he's not going to race over across the pool and through the riffle to grab it....wastes too much precious energy.

  5. Try a point fly and a dropper. A small white Wolly Bugger with about 6 inches of tippet tied to the hook bend followed by a small (# 18-22) beadhead PT nymph should be perfect.

  6. Lastly, forget about the cold...I know what your thinking..(YEAH RIGHT).. but if you can concentrate on catching the fish, things may lighten up a bit.

I like fishing in the Winter. I remember a few times when I fished on the Jacob's Fork in downright frigid conditions, but regardless, this past February the trout were all netted and all of them willingly ate small midges and San Juan Worms. Also, if your a hatchery supported kind o' angler, there are PLENTY of trout for you to catch. Most of the time, by June, the fish are all gone, and albeit the hatchery trucks come once a month in many streams, a lot of anglers will follow the truck around until they put the trout in the river.

3.) Anywho, everyone have a great day and I will do my best to update tomorrow.


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