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Thursday, December 11, 2008

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1.) This storm system has been an extremely rare one. When was the last time you saw New Orleans, Houston, Baton Rogue, and extreme ("gulf-front" counties) receive upwards of 6 inches of SNOW!!! Yeah, snow...I'm not kidding, the visibility was down to less than a 1/2 a mile in New Orleans due to the snow. What happened was the cold air aloft in the storm was pulled down to ground level..not something you see everyday, allowing for HEAVY, HEAVY snow. Global Warming....OKAY, Al Gore. Here in Charlotte we were on the warm sector of the storm, which in return allowed storms to fire off.

2.) Nonetheless, much needed rain has really helped for short term drought in the NC mountains. Fly fishing will be GREAT the next few days. Trout are ready to pounce on any fly that is big, bulky, and gaudy. Zonkers and Woolly Buggers are a great choice if you want to catch that big wary brown. Temps are up, mid to upper 50's, but it won't be too long before those temps take a nose dive back into the 20's. A cold front is expected this weekend, making Saturday and Sunday chilly. Saturday morning will be well below freezing, around the mid 20's, so black ice and slippery roadways will possibly make it a treacherous ride to work. Some mountain counties will see a few inches of snow, as the wrap around moisture well, "wraps around the NC mountains, a few inches may accumulate. Hey, the trout won't mind, so layer up and hit the stream, or pull up to your bench and do some tying. If you do go fishing, work the riffles and seams...these will be your best option. If your stream is muddy, PLEASE, PLEASE, use that 4x...heck, I'd even go down to 2 or 3x. 6 and 7x is just not a good route to take when water is high and cloudy. I have seen numerous people fishing in stained to muddy water, and using that light tippet. I don't want you to catch that monster brown trout, and lose the battle all because of 6x tippet. Use the opportunity as your advantage.

3.) I can't believe it's almost Christmas. Time flies by. Flies...no pun intended....yeah I know HA HA HA, hold the laughter. Anywho, everyone have a great evening and more tomorrow.


Travis said...

Just found your blog, very nicely done.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Great, I was worried that people were not exactly finding the blog, I guess it takes some time.... Appreciate it

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