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Thursday, December 25, 2008
1.) Christmas Eve is upon us, in fact I'm posting this at midnight, so politically speaking, it's Christmas morning. Got back from the Christmas Eve service here in Etowah, great stuff, really brings out the Christmas holidays in many people. For some reason, it just hit me, it's seriously Christmas, and we're almost through with 2008.

2.) Rain is moving across the Southeast, and many streams will see a boost in water levels. I sincerely hope we don't get flooding rains...just enough to keep the rivers/streams at their appropriate levels.

3.) According to Trout Zone, the Clinch River up in Kingston TN experienced a contaminant issue with the Kingston Coal Plant. It's now spreading downstream, and the fishery is declining in.... well..."fishability" if you will. TVA is studying the accident, and hopefully they will resolve the disaster.

4.) On with the report..... Fishing in east TN/west NC is not too bad, and if you don't mind the rain, it's great. Given the cloudy, rainy, dreary conditions, make sure you have a few BWO's in your fly box. I would go with a size range of 18-24 for Olives. Emergers will also be a prominent food source for the trout, so of course either tie or buy some emerger BWO's. A great fly to try would be Davie's Evil Weevil. The recipe is over in the right hand corner of the page. Not a hard fly to whip up, and not a hard fly to fish. The Davie's has dual purposes, meaning it can be used as different insects. Not only does it represent a BWO, it can also represent a caddis in it's pupal stage. Flies with dual purposes will increase your odds of catching, as the fish can the fly as two differnent insects. Also it's convenient for the fly fisherman....Most of the fish will be on the bottom of the stream this time of year, tie on the DEW and put a few split shots (depending on how deep and fast the water is...) I put my SS's approximately 8-12 inches above my fly, but you are free to adjust the width between the two. If your indicator isn't going under, and you haven't caught anything yet (or hanging up on the bottom) you're most likely not reaching the trout's preferred feeding zone, so add another split shot or two and see if that works.

5.) Merry Christmas to all, and tight lines.


chagua said...

Hi, my name is Fernando, I'm Spanish and i've just seen your blog. It's very nice, so I promise I'll visit it regularly. I wonder if you want to share some things about flyfishing and talk about this little world, which has some differences between here and there.
I'm looking forward to hearing for you:

Fernando chagua1932.blogspot.com

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Appreciate it, I'll leave a comment on your blog...

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