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Sunday, December 28, 2008
1.) Great weather over here in Vols country (Etowah, TN). It was cloudy and drizzly when we headed out to the 11 o'clock service at church, but it has really cleared up tremendously. Charlotte is now seeing the rain we saw overnight, as the cold front progresses eastward. Rain has really helped to keep the streams and rivers up at normal flows. We haven't seen flooding out of the last few storm systems, which is what we want. It takes some time for the drought to end, and with the consistent precipitation, it won't be much longer until the deficits are wiped off the board if the pattern continues. Nashville folks had some extremely rough weather last night with the BIG thunderstorms that rolled in around midnight. Everything broke up a little bit as it moved across the mountains, but most people did see some rain.

2.) I have been cracking down on fly casting over the past few days. I have a new Sage FLI rod, which has a fast action , and possesses a lot of quality to it. Madison River Fishing Co. out in Ennis, MT had their FLI's on sale, so I bought one. I trust MRFC, because they have provided my grandad and my great grandad with great flies and gear when they took trips out to MT. When I was in their shop, they were very helpful, knowledgeable, and had a lot of innovative western patterns that I really liked. They were also true "trout bums" like I am. They picked a great location to manage a fly shop.

3.) My family and I went out to grab some last minute gifts, and EVERYONE had a Tennessee Volunteers hat, t-shirt, coat or something of the like. There are some real Vols fans over here. Tennessee's a great team on the field and on the court.

4.) If you plan on fishing today or tomorrow, most streams are up and flowing relatively fast, so be careful when around them. If possible, try not to even step into the water. Not only will you keep yourself from losing your footing, you will also be less likely to spook the trout. With the water up, tie on a big nymph or a streamer and drop it into a riffle, seam, or into a pool. You may be able to use 4x due to the stained and high water, but 5 and 6x will probably be a safe bet.

5.) Panthers are playing right now, but since I'm in Tennessee, the Titans are on Fox instead of the Panthers, so I'm watching the Rams-Falcons game, so I can keep track of Carolina's score during halftime, and in game highlights.


James Marsh said...

Enjoyed your site and would like to send you an email. Didn't see an address?

chagua said...

VERY GOOD SPANISH!! We will be in touch. Fernando.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

James- As of right now I don't have an Email account, but now that I have a blog, I will consider setting one up. I checked out your site...Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing, great stuff. Also, after reading your about us page, I understand that you make fly fishing instructional videos. I will keep my eyes pealed for your series next time I'm in Bass Pro, Cabela's or REI. Appreciate the comment and tight lines.

Fernando- Still working at Spanish, had to use the Spanish dictionary for the last comment I posted on your blog, which by the way is awesome man. Hey, I guess the "younger crowd fly fishing rate" is on an increase. Muchos gracias mi amigo and tight lines.

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