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Friday, April 1, 2011

1) First off, the whole "April Fools, THFF is closing its doors" deal is a joke! THFF will be up and running for, as I see it, many more years. It'll likely be the name of a future guiding service I create in college. The only thing that wasn't a joke was the "Sincerely appreciate the support and the camaraderie over the past 3 years" part. I can't stress that statement enough.

2) Fishing here in the Old North State is going to pick back up over the weekend/early next week. The rain, and cold temperatures which has been so bountiful for over a week now, is being replaced with warmer, sunnier conditions. It's going to be relatively nice tomorrow and even better Sunday. Put your fly rod in the car and head to the river after church! Just like the MaCleans did in A River Runs Through It.

Places such as Asheville and Brevard will likely flirt with 80 degrees on Monday before a cold front ruins the party. That cold front, expected to arrive Monday night through Tuesday (sooner in the west, later in the east) will likely not only bring heavy rain, but possibly some gnarly severe weather. Tornadoes, large hail, high winds, the whole shebang. Keep a keen eye on the weather forecast if you plan on fishing Monday afternoon through Tuesday. Could get rough out there.

Make sure you have some big streamers and San Juan Worms at hand! I'm thinking we'll be dealing with some high, muddy water when that front does move through.

Here's the low down:

Statewide DH waters- They're fishing well right now. The usual DH patterns (egg patterns, San Juan Worm, Hares Ear, Prince, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Y2K, Adams Parachute etc) will suffice.

The Davidson- The Big D should treat you well. Plenty of fish as always. Up at the hatchery, the same tiny midges are essential. Standard midges without beads tend to be the best. You may see some Quill Gordons, Blue Quills, Black Caddis, and possibly a few Hendricksons fluttering around. Nymphs in the morning and dries in the afternoon is a good rule to follow.

Wild streams- I've been hearing of some decent days on the higher elevation wild streams. The snow is virtually done (although spring snow is not out of the ordinary here in WNC). The Mountain Laurel and Rhododendron which commonly line the streams, will be blooming here by next month. Beautiful to look at, but oh so horrific to the hard working angler that is robbed of his/her flies by these bandits. Spring has sprung for sure though.

3) Mark D. Williams, who has published countless books and publications has asked me to write some tips for an app designed smartphones. He told me he's essentially taking his book Freshwater Fly Fishing Tips from the Pros, adding some additional articles/tips, and transforming it into an app for Blackberries, iPhones, and I'm assuming Android devices. I'll be writing tips on the backcountry and fly patterns. Notable fly fisherman such as Jim Teeny, Brian Chan, Ed Shenk, and Harry Murray (just to name a few) are all contributing. When the app hits the market, I'll inform everyone. Knowing Mark, it should be extremely useful to the fly angler.

4) I'm hitting the tying bench! If I come up with anything interesting, I'll post it on CFT (Which has been a desert when it comes to frequencies of posts).

5) Enjoy the weekend! Tell us about your day out on the water if you do head out!


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