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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sean McKay who is a guide in east TN, just told me some terrifying news. Now, the media isn't covering this right now, but, there has been talk that Great Smoky Mountains Nat'l Park could be shut down as a result of the government closing their doors. Sean is a credible source, as he has been guiding in the Smokies for a long while and knows the Park like the back of his hand. Different organizations/businesses associated with the Park have been posting the news, so it's evidently not a rumor and is likely a legitimate issue. Check the Park website for updates if/when they do come out. Hopefully the next update I post explains it's just a late, yet cruel April Fools joke...


Ian Rutter said...

That would be due to a possible US Government shut down. The biggest impacts would be on the campgrounds. Most roads like US 441 would remain open, but others like the Cades Cove loop would likely be closed as non-essential.

Tyler Legg said...


Thanks for the info. Haven't found much in the way of updates. This will be bad if it happens for sure...

Mark said...

In past shutdowns, the gov't has been known to close certain park features. Like Ian said, that would pertain mostly to campgrounds and gov't maintained roads and buildings like the visitors center and such. Access to the park would remain possible. Essential services would probably continue like law enforcement and search and rescue. Hopefully they will strike a deal soon. Nat'l Forest could see the same type of things I'm sure.

Tyler Legg said...

Thanks for clearing things up Mark. Info is few and far between. Good to hear they probably won't close the Park as a whole and access will still be possible if this does come to fruition.

Several stories out of TN. 1.5 million gallons of untreated waste was sent into the Little Pigeon River after a container that stores sewage at the Gatlinburg wastewater treatment plant ruptured. 2 workers missing.

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