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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Looking for a high quality small stream fly rod that won't break the bank? Look no further than the Cabela's TQR. It's designed with the small stream enthusiast in mind. From its lightweight build to its highly attractive appearance, the TQR is just what you've been searching for in an affordable long rod (well, short rod in these cases).

The acronym TQR appropriately stands for Tight Quarters Rod. Here in the Appalachians, small streams are like bologna sandwiches; they are narrow streams (the thin slice of bologna), crammed between two thick walls of rhododendron (the bread). In order to fish that "bologna" successfully, you need a rod that is small and lightweight, yet reliable and dependable. You also need a rod that will put some cash back in your pocket for the gas needed to get to some of these remote backcountry streams.

Holding the TQR, you'll first notice how lightweight it is. You can thank Cabela's for this. The use of cork to construct the reel seat cut the weight down substantially. Of course the fact that this is a smaller rod, available up to a 5wt, contributes to its lighter-than-average weight.

I was standing in a medium sized river with my recently purchased TQR in my right hand. Before me, a deep, long, pool awaited. This was my chance to test the TQR's "backbone." I slowly got into position and made the cast. 30 feet of line slid through the guides and shot to the target with ease. You won't be making any 80 foot casts with this rod, but it sure can deliver your fly a considerable distance for its size.

All in all, the TQR is one fantastic rod. If you're looking for a rod that offers affordability, excellent performance, and is pleasing the eye, the Cabela's TQR is the one.


Bill Trussell said...

I fish a small lake for some of the big bluegills I have been catching. This rod would be excellent for some of the small pockets in the backs of the nooks. I do fish a Temple Fork 3 wt. which is extremely light, but after looking at the desription of this rod I am thinking it is lighter. This may be an early Christmas gift. Thanks for sharing.

Brk Trt said...

I'm looking at a TFO 2wt, and now your review may have me looking to this TQR.

Tyler Legg said...


TFO is high on my list along with the TQR. Both TFO and Cabelas make some excellent rods. A 7'6" 2wt would be perfect for bluegills! Looking forward to testing the TQR in warmwater soon.


Highly recommend it. Like I mentioned, TFO (especially the Lefty Kreh Finesse) rods and the TQR are both fantastic.

John Castellot said...

I am considering buying either the TQR 7'6 5wt or the equivalent TFO Lefty Krek Pro Series rod. I fish size 6 and 8 bass poppers, so I need a rod that has the proper action to cast these bigger flies (and is under $150). I'd appreciate any thoughts on this comparison.

Thanks for the excellent review,

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