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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'll start with the bad news and then end the post with the good news. Typing this still sends chills down my spine.

If you've been watching the news this afternoon, whether it be your local NC news channel or the Weather Channel, you probably know all too well about the tornadoes.

Skywarn spotter report from Dunn, NC, Dragstrip Road at NC 242: "I'm sitting in my front yard and my house is gone, my neighbors' houses are gone, they don't even have any debris, most of my roof is across the street."

Apparently 3 fatalities and 2 dozen severe injuries have unfortunately been reported in the Raleigh area. In addition, one person was killed in Cumberland County, three people were killed in Bladen County, and another in Dunn in Johnston County. you can read the article here. You can find submitted photos of the storms and the aftermath on WRAL. Authorities expect more casualties. Let's hope they're wrong.

If you're still dumbfounded, you're not alone. I am too. It's always a sickening feeling when a tornado is projected to sweep through a heavily populated area. Watching a tornado meandering through desolate countryside is a thing to see. It's not all fun and games when that twister finds its way into a populated town or city. It's downright scary and dangerous. It really hits home when it happens in your state.

Neighbors in Eastern NC, you're in our thoughts and prayers. Stay safe my friends. Hang in there.

Finally, the good news. All nine campers and hikers that were swept into Wilson Creek after flood waters rapidly rose, have been rescued. Aside from a minor arm injury, all are okay. Read the article here.


Kev2380 said...

That is freaky, my family was downtown for the earth day festival. We drove right by the body shop on the way home. Maybe 1hr before the tornado hit. If the tornado was a mile north it would have went right through downtown Raleigh and hit the festival. No telling how many fatalities there would have been.

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