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Friday, May 15, 2009
1.) Safe and sound in Vols country. Last minute change of plans though. The weather just didn't cooperate for an enjoyable camping trip, so I am just staying with family here in Etowah, TN until Sunday. Getting up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning to head on over to the Little River/GSMNP to fish from sunrise to about 11:45 or so. Then it's off to Little River Outfitters for a few last minute fly tying stuff and then the event we've all been anticipating for the last 12 months since last May....Troutfest! I feel like it's Christmas. Bobbins will be a spinnin' and scissors will be a snippin' away. 40 tyers, 20 tomorrow and 20 Sunday will be present. Judging by the 10 day (Accurate? Not from 10 days out it ain't!!) we are going to be dodging some storms and showers for Troutfest 2009. I'm glad there are tents (HUGE to be exact) set up at the Townsend Visitors Center. One of the tents is 120' x 80'.


Travis said...

I was hoping we would draw the same shift at Troutfest. Unfortunately, I will be tying Sunday afternoon. Should be a good time, and I am looking forward to it. Hoping to get there a little early as well to meet some of the icons of the sport.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Hey Travis,

I know, unfortunately all of us were split up. Maybe we will all have the same shift for Troutfest 2010. I tell ya, it was quite an event. You will be VERY impressed when you see all of the tents, booths and people. Byron was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off...Make sure you say hi to Joe, Lefty and Bob...nice guys. I'll have pictures up tomorrow evening when /i get the chance to upload all of te pictures.

Have a good one,

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