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Friday, May 29, 2009
1.) It has been pretty hot across the Carolinas or from a larger view, the southern US. Storms are starting to roll out of the mountains and move closer to the Charlotte Metro area, as of now, they don't look to bad, but they could gain some steam as they rumble across I-77 and the Catawba River.

2.) Fishing is turning out to be outstanding in most places. Delayed Harvest streams are winding to close next Saturday. Us catch and release fisherman call it "Bloody Saturday". The catch and keep fisherman grab their share..."Kill and Grill"...The Roaring Fork in Stone Mountain SP, South Mountain DH streams, the Mitchell River, Tuckaseegee, and all other DH rivers will soon be devoid of trout. Catch and Release portions like the Hatchery Section on the Davidson are an angler's best bet for the rest of the year. I may try to get in one last fishing trip to the Mitchell River DH this Sunday afternoon to fish it for the last time until next Winter. If you want to know what flies are working for the month/next month, check out the updated WNC/Smokies hatch chart over on the left hand column.

3.) I don't now why, but I have seen a lot of snakes around lately. A 3 ft Kingsnake was taking refuge out of the sun and heat in some shade adjacent to the Agricultural Dept. at my school earlier today. We were out working around the barn a few weeks ago and a small brown snake (don't know what kind) slithered through the grass. I'm not the biggest fan of snakes...I don't mind them being there, but I would rather not come into contact with them. They're beneficial in the ecosystem, as they eat all of the mice and rats though.

4.) I'm finally able to start updating more. I just completed the finishing touches on my Business Plan for my fly shop which will be established in West Yellowstone, MT. The name of the shop is Tyler Legg's West Yellowstone Angler...It'll probably be a while until it opens (decade or two!!...)

5.) Thanks for stopping by and reading. Everyone have a great evening and weekend.


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