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Friday, May 8, 2009
1.) For the past few days, we have had numerous thunderstorms (strong, severe, and a few super cells). Sporadic tornadoes (most not even touching the ground) have been imminent. Speaking of tornadoes, Blount County, TN the home of Little River Outfitters in Townsend is under a tornado warning. Townsend is in a valley surrounded by mountains that may or may not break the storm up, hopefully the storm will weaken. Last evening, a pretty hefty storm had it's sights on Kannapolis/Concord. Right when it was on top of my neighborhood, Jeff Crum, the Chief Meteorologist over at News 14 Carolina mentioned that it was starting to show signs of rotation. I was able to get outside before and after the storm hit to take these pictures. The sun started to shine immediately following the storm, which made for a few great pictures. Take a look at the video above. It is a great time lapsed video shot by Jim Travers of News 14 of a wall cloud and a funnel cloud forming and eventually dissipating.

(Above) Possible wall cloud at the bottom center of the picture(This particular storm showed signs of rotation)

2.) Be careful if you plan on heading to a trout stream today/tomorrow. High water may still be an issue in a few rivers. All of the lakes are filled to capacity. Rain and high, cloudy water means big streamers and San Juan Worms.


chagua said...

Hi Tyler I'm just having a break after studying time. Yeah, we have storms here, but nothing like that. I hope you won't go to see the tornadoes very close like these "tornado hunters". Tornadoes are amazing, but I'd prefer staying away.

Have good fishing, be careful with the tornadoes and be lucky with your exams.
Greetings. Fernando.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

It was pretty eye opening...One of the storms started to form a funnel cloud, and I watched the growing tornado until it almost hit the ground, and then it went back up..Which is what we want. I've always been fascinated by tornadoes too, but I would rather watch them from a distance, while the twister ripped through a field and not someone's home.

Take care,

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