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Sunday, May 10, 2009
1.) Skies are blue across the Old North State. The storm chances have diminished and it looks like we may receive a break from flooding rains and severe t'storms until possibly late this week. Most rivers in the mountains are flowing strong due the amount of rain that has recently fell. Unbelievably cool temperatures are forecasted for tomorrow. Boone will be in the mid to upper 50's all day, with upper 30's across the highest of peaks and lower 40's for lows Monday night.

2.) If you are heading to a trout stream, it's a good idea to check in with the local fly shop and ask about water flows. The TN tailwaters (ie the Caney Fork, South Holston, Clinch, etc) are WAY up. If you can, fish higher up on the smaller streams, which tend to resist being flooded out too much. Nymphs have been working best along with streamers such as Slumbusters, Woolly Buggers and Zonkers. If you discover your fishing hole high and cloudy, don't bother using light tippet. Tie on 2x-3x, as the trout can't see as well in cloudy water vs. clear water. San Juan Worms are working great right now. All of the rain has brought the earthworms to the surface and the worms closest to the river are usually flushed into the water. Look for Light Cahill hatches in the evening, with Hendricksons, March Browns, and Brown Caddis periodically throughout the day. If you see a hatch starting, but you don't see any fish rising, chances are the trout are picking off the emerging insects below the surface. When this happens, tie on a wet fly that closely matches the bugs hatching. If you don't see any bugs hatching what-so-ever, nymphs are your best bet.

3.) The next post will either be on Thursday, or on Sunday. I'm leaving on Friday for Troutfest in Townsend, TN. We will probably camp at Elkmont in the park for 2 nights. I will be tying on Saturday from 1 till 5. I'm still debating on showing how to tie my Realistic Black Caddis, the Sheepfly, the Slumpbuster, or one of my most recent patterns, the Split Tail Green Weenie. I'm planning on fishing Little River probably Friday afternoon/evening, and then possibly Saturday evening from 5:30 until dark. Pictures will be taken (I found my camera) and posted on Sunday.


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