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Friday, May 22, 2009
1.) It's currently in the upper 70's to low 80's across the Piedmont, with lower to mid 70's up in the mountains. The high and swift streams in the mountains are finally receding, and fishing should become increasingly better. Earlier in the week, low temperatures took a nose dive to the mid 30's. The mountains saw a light freeze and to my knowledge a light frost. Frost equals no grasshoppers, so if a frost did occur in some places, the majority of the hoppers are dead now. Early-mid June will probably mark the beginning of hopper season for us fly fisherman. Nymphs have been very consistent, but evening hatches of Light Cahills are making the trout look up. Green Drakes should be hatching out most evenings on many trout streams up in the high country. You may see a few March Browns (especially on higher streams), Hendricksons, Black Caddis and/or tiny Cream Midges. Giant Stonefly Nymphs (Pteronarcys) are also moving around on the stream bottom, so have a few Kaufmann's Stones in sizes of 4-8. As for dries, ants, beetles, and most attractor flies will work. Small streamers may also be effective right now. Yellow Stones/Sallies are just around the corner. The Summer fishing season is just a few weeks away.


chagua said...

How are you Tyler?
Yeh, early summer is begining, for me one of the best times for flyfishing. A lot of hatches and the rising temperatures make trout and other fish more active.
I hope you have enjoyed yourself in the Troutfest and learnt a lot from those master tyers.
I keep studying but there's only a week left to finish the year, so I'll probably fish more, but I also must study for the exams before university.

Take care and have good fishing.
Greetings. Fernando.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

Rising temps are great in the Winter and Spring, but here, when the water temps start to reach the 71-73 degree range, the trout start to die. I hope this Summer turns out to be a relatively cool one and not a scorching one. When the hot temperatures arive, I usually hike up to the 5,000 ft+ streams. I might try streams (or trickles of water) around 6,000ft this summer for the native Brook Trout. I read your latest post and it looks like you're under some sweltering heat over there in Spain.

chagua said...

Well, yeh temperatures were high only one day. The following day was cool, windy and cloudy, not very good for fishing.
It's now the time for fishing in mountain streams, and I love it. Just fishing with a caddis tyed in 12-14# all the pockets were a trout could be.
Every year after school I head to Tajo river. The water is glass and you can see the trouts eating in pools.
So I wanna finish all these exams fo get there.
Greetings. Fernando.

Tar Heel Fly Fishing said...

I know, we only have 8 more days left...I can't wait either until I'm able to fish more.

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