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Monday, December 7, 2009
1.) Except for a few locations in western NC, generally speaking, the rivers and streams weren't effected majorly as a result of the light rain on Saturday. The big weather word this weekend was the cold. It hovered in the mid 40's in the morning, before dropping through the day into the lower 30's. Saturday night into Sunday morning, it was in the upper 20's, with lower readings in the mountains. I'm not complaining at all. I favor cold weather. Especially over the hot, humid, and muggy summers we're known for. I also enjoy fishing in cold weather. The opportunities as an angler are plentiful in the winter months. The crowds are at a standstill, the water levels are usually running where they should be, you don't have to worry about the "big, yellow inner tube hatch", and the trout are glad to eat your fly given you adjust your tactics. Some folks believe trout stock up on food in preparation for the winter. They do, but more so in preparation for the spawning season, usually occurring in late fall for brown trout and brook trout. Trout eat in the dead of winter. They have to eat. They are usually very lethargic as to where they don't expend more energy than they take in though.

Go-to flies right now would be small mayfly nymphs (PT's, Copper John's, Lightning Bugs, Micro Mays, etc). BWO's are hatching (#18-22 "ish") along with Little Black Stones. Keep an eye peeled for these bugs. They can turn an ordinary day on the river into a spectacular day. Streamers are also working (Buggers, Clousers, Sculpins, etc). Midges, of course are working (year round) and will catch fish on most rivers. If you plan on hitting one of the DH streams in NC, Y2K's San Juan Worms, egg patterns, Hise's Hex, Princes, Pheasant Tails (PT's) and similar flies will be fish catchers. Long leaders with 5x-6x tippet are going to be necessary given the clear water.

2.) The weather pattern over the next few weeks looks VERY interesting in terms of snow and ice here in NC (not just the mountains). True Arctic Air (not 30's...more upper teens for lows) is attempting to make a run for the south. This, combined with an active branch of the jet stream makes snow and ice concerns very plausible as we head through the rest of the month. This winter is going to be a wild one. We haven't seen annual snow amounts rise to double digits in a few years. This year may be different in some places. Make sure your neoprenes are in working order!!

3.) My Montana Grizzlies dominated and pulled apart the #1 offense in FCS football. Stephen F. Austin (Texas) lost to the GRIZ 51-0 Saturday afternoon. I'm thrilled with their efforts. It's not over yet, Appalachian State is visiting the Griz in Missoula this Saturday at 4pm. It will be broadcasted on national T.V. via ESPN. App State has a heck of a football team, so Montana will be put to the test.


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