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Thursday, December 3, 2009
If you have recently glanced at the 7 day for Houston, or the forecast for St. Charles, La, the first thing you probably noticed was the word 'snow'. I, myself, could not believe it. It's true folks, snow (accumulating too) in places such as Waco, Houston and Austin, Texas. In Louisiana Alexandria, Lafayette, and Lake Charles, are forecasted to see some snow. Hattiesburg, Mississippi could even see some snow along with Vicksburg. The Lonestar State is blue and purple, indicating either a Winter Weather Watch, warning or advisory. Biloxi, Mississippi is expected to see a few snow showers. These are areas along and close to the Gulf Coast!! It is almost unheard of to see snow this far south in early December. It happened last year in December in the same exact places. Who's next in line? Charlotte?!?! We may see a very cold rain transition to a mix of rain/snow with a short period of all snow possible (especially north and west of the metro) later in the evening/overnight on Saturday. Jeff Crum, chief meteorologist of News 14 Carolina, Charlotte, added that the notorious "gotcha" is not out of the question and we receive light accumulating snow. As of now, unfortunately the cold and moisture can't combine correctly for a major snow event. Oh well...We usually receive our big snowstorms in late January into February and early March.


springer said...

Just like he was right about highs in the upper 30's for the first few days of Dec, right? Cold but, our meteorologists are bozos in CLT. I would be happier with a "hey folks we have no clue, but its gonna be chilly" That would be better.

Tyler Legg said...

It's hard to put out an accurate forecast here in the Piedmont of North Carolina given we have the mountains to the west and the Atlantic to the east. Long range forecasting here in CLT consists of nearly 100% guesses.

"Hey folks we have no clue, but it's gonna be chilly" I know, it is better!!!


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