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Friday, December 18, 2009
1.) It has been a cold day here in the Piedmont of NC. Mixed with the chilly air is sleet and snow, which makes for some interesting weather. I witnessed a moderate snow shower this morning around 10:00. Looks like we'll see more of that later. In the Charlotte area, 1-3" of snow looks plausible with heavier amounts north and west of the city. Here in Kannapolis, we are right on the line (by a mile or two) of the possible 2-6". I'm guessing we'll end up with 2-4", but the nature of this storm makes it nearly impossible to pinpoint exactly who gets what. It's one of those snow events where accumulations vary from neighborhood to neighborhood (in some cases literally...) All we can do is watch the radar and look to the skies. Some folks may not receive snow accumulations at all. Some may wake up to a surprising amount. Albeit this event isn't in a perfect setup to dump snow on Charlotte like the mountains are seeing (don't get me started about the Mtns...), it is an omen of what this winter will be like. I mean, we haven't even reached winter yet and we're tracking a snowstorm?!?! (By the way, Wednesday's the first day of winter).

2.) Just checked the temperature for Kannapolis, which is 33 degrees. The pressure is 29.89 and falling. It's raining with a few sleet pellets and a loose snow flake or two at the moment. That will change come later this evening throughout tonight and into the morning hours tomorrow. The mix will change to primarily all snow for at least a period tonight. This is where the snow accumulations will start. Now, the mountains are about to be (some already are) buried alive. Up to 18" in some spots with possibly locally higher amounts, especially along the Blue Ridge. My grandparents live in Fancy Gap, VA right on the Parkway. I'm sure they already have snow on the ground and are preparing for the 3/4ths of the rest of the event... 20" is not out of the realm of possibility up that way. It blows me away!!

3.) If you are deciding on heading into the mountains to fish, you might want to hold off. I-40 is going to be a mess. I-40 west through the mountains is going to be an absolute nightmare, and the smaller roads up in the mountains are going to be transformed into ski slopes. Fishing will be tough for a while.


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