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Thursday, December 17, 2009
While dodging "potential" winter storms over the past few weekends, I've tried to get behind the tying bench to crank out some bugs. This is one of the results Tuesday evening...

Realistic Cased Caddis

Hook: the TMC3761 is fine for this pattern, but, I tend to use dry fly hooks as they have a wider gape than nymph hooks do which allows better hook sets due to the bulky rocks. Lead wire added for additional weight
Thread: Chartreuse 6/0
Body: Crushed rocks adhered to hook with Hard as Hull (Dave's Flexament also works fine)
Thorax: Caddis green dubbing
Legs: Moose mane crimped to resemble legs
Head: Black dubbing

I haven't tried this bug out yet, but flies that look realistic can sometimes change a day on the water...

The mountains, foothills, and NW Piedmont of North Carolina are preparing for a monster snowstorm. Up to 18 inches in some spots up in the mountains, with 8-12 inches across the foothills and NW Piedmont. Here in Charlotte, looks like a smaller scale event with 1-2" maybe 3" in some places. Christmas Eve looks very interesting as well for potential precip other than liquid...Of course we've been through this before several times already... Still, if we are talking about snow before Christmas (Monday marks the beginning of winter) January, February, and March will definately be interesting.


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