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Monday, November 10, 2008

above is the 00 UTC run of the GFS (850 MB) which clearly shows that huge shot of cold Canadian air. Notice the high pressure parked right over the Middlesboro, Kentucky area. Click the image for a better view...I know it's blurry.

1.) First off I want to congratulate the Panthers on their win over the Oakland Raiders in Oakland, California yesterday evening.

2.) Back here in the east, the weather has been chilly. This morning the official low at Charlotte Douglas International Airport was 28. CDIA usually turns out to be on the warmer side of the temperatures...if downtown Charlotte gets down to 32, CDIA usually reads 33 or 34. In other words, up here in Concord, we could have been 26-27. All I know is that it doesn't matter if it was 25 or 35 this morning...it was still COLD. I noticed that the frost this morning looked more like snow, as it was white and just looked a lot different than the frost we saw a few weeks ago. Anywho...it will be cool the next few days, and then a minor "warm up" will occur with low to mid 60's through Saturday. After that, cold air pours out from Canada, and we will see a very chilly air mass take hold of the region next week.

3.) Looking down the road, I took a look at Accuweather's 15 day forecast, and we will see a substantial change in temperatures as highs will stay in the 40's and lows in the mid 20's starting around Thursday of next week and probably holding throughout the rest of November. Accuweather also shows a chance of rain next Sunday, with temperatures in the mid 20's that night...call me crazy, but I sincerely think if the rain holds its' ground next Sunday through the early morning hours, we may see the season's first few flakes of snow fall...again let me stress...if the rain continues all night. The only thing that is promised is time will tell. The mountains are a different story, as next weekend, west facing slopes will see a few inches of snow. Folks, Winter is almost here, and it seems as if Old Man Winter is ready to come out a little early.


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