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Friday, November 14, 2008
1.) There are some nasty looking storms down in SC as I type. The cell farthest west prompted a tornado warning a few hours ago just south of Atlanta. Weather folks don't think tornadoes are a danger here in Charlotte, but one has to wonder, these storms are agitated, and they have the southern Piedmont in their sights. Make sure you turn on that NOAA weather radio tonight, and make sure the batteries have enough juice in them...I have to find batteries for mine, I mean I've got tons of radios, but a majority of them are deprived of a power source.

2.) Congrats to the Endeavor crew as they lifted off at 7:55 eastern time. Everything looked good except for the white room door that wouldn't close ( I tell ya doors never seem to close the way you want them to nowadays)....still, the crew made it up into space and are now en route to a rendezvous with the ISS. I noticed that Mission Control wished the Crew a happy Thanksgiving above Earth. I sincerely hope the crew can catch the turkey in space without gravity.

3.) Have a good one folks, and keep those weather radios bedside, I doubt we'll scream AUNTIE EM, AUNTIE EM, but I guess twisters can happen when and where they want.


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