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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pic courtesy of the Blue Ridge Blog . Excellent picture of light dusting of snow in the WNC mountains...

1.) I want to start off by mentioning the snow flurries and light snow showers the folks over in the Triangle have received. Of course the snow wasn't heavy enough to support accumulations, but it really is cool to see, especially this early in the season. Average first snowfall for non mountain/lower elevation areas in the Piedmont is usually December 31st on out...not the case this year. Again nothing big, but a few flakes may fly around in the Triad and Triangle areas. I have seen reports of a few flakes close to the Fayettville area. Snow flurries have not made it into the Charlotte vicinity, but, not completely out of the question to see a few of what I like to call "flattered flow snurries". If you see any snow, please feel free to report it in the comment box. The main weather theme today is the COLD air that has dropped out of Canada. As of 4:00 Charlotte's temperature is at 39 degrees! Most spots struggled to make it to the 45 degree mark today. Tonight...you think today was cold...21 is the low for tonight. A few areas may make it down to 19 early tomorrow morning. We did not make it down to the lower 20's last night, because the winds were to strong to allow for any major radiational cooling, thus, frost wasn't an issue this morning. Tomorrow morning will be a whole different ball game, as the winds die down. Get used to the cold weather, looks like Old Man Winter has taken his shoes off and is staying awhile. Thanksgiving looks cold, and virtually, the rest of the month into early December looks below average temperature wise.

2.) Well, the GFS has really loosened up on the whole snowstorm thing this weekend...yeah...most likely not going to happen. It's the GFS' fault...it always plays with our minds. Maybe it's still in hibernation, waiting to release it's energy? Maybe it's just wrong, and we get dumped on? Who knows, I'll watch it. Early December may be the one, again GFS may just be playing tricks. We'll see.

3.) If you decide to go wet a line in the mountains, put on those breathable waders, and layer up, that water's literally freezing! Also make sure you wear that wading belt at all times in the water. If you fall in, and the water goes over your waders, it will take only 45 seconds for the first signs of hypothermia take place. Take an extra pair of clothes with you. The good thing about fly fishing in the Winter months (well, fishing in cold weather), is that the stream is usually deserted. There won't be any tubers, or swimmers, and a few die-hard local fisherman may be around, but in general, not many.

4.) Have a great day, and more tomorrow.


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