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Friday, October 10, 2008

1.) First off, the rain we received Wednesday-Thursday was great. Unfortunately, the streams are already back to the low levels they were at prior to the rain. I just looked at the USGS real time water levels, and the "D" was at approximately 78 cfs early yesterday morning, know it's at 29 cfs. This is certainly an example of how quickly a stream can rise to average, and then descend back to record lows again. The NC mountains are in need of some decent rain, because they are still in an extreme drought. Part of the problem is that the rain falls and flows down the mountain, not giving the ground a chance to absorb enough. Here in the Piedmont, our drought is not half is bad, as we are in a moderate to abnormally dry status. Here in the rolling hills, the rain has more time to absorb. If only our temperatures were cool enough to support trout......or if we had a dam over Rocky River, that would produce cold water. I have studied Table Rock's Trout Unlimited Chapter, and they are discussing the thought of turning the Catawba River into a Blue Ribbon Tailwater that would support a healthy brown trout population. TU is going to improve tributaries, including Muddy Creek's silt deposit into the Catawba, which would greatly improve the water clarity and insect life needed for a trout river. Also, a dam that would release cold water in the Summer months would be needed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the project would occur above and a few miles below Lake James.

2.) Fishing shouldn't be a drag, given the temperatures and the sunny weather, but with the water levels the way they are, you may have to work a little bit harder to entice these wily trout.
Still, green weenies, copper johns, PT nymphs, caddis larvae and even girdle bugs will produce a few. Dries to have in your box would include Light Cahills, Adams, Caddis, Royal Wulffs, Trudes, and other attractors. Like always, use a dry-dropper technique, to find that fly the fish want. Since rain wasn't overly impressive, stick with the usual 6x tippet.

3.) Carolina Panthers play Sunday @ Tampa Bay. The Bucs are a well trained, well coached team, and the Panthers are a well trained and well coached team, so who knows which team will win this game. Of course I've got my fingers crossed for the Panthers, but it still is hard to tell..... the anticipation is eating me alive!!!

4.) BIG race is tomorrow here at Lowe's Motor Speedway, so my town is full of NASCAR fans. Come tomorrow afternoon, Kannapolis will be deserted, because everyone will be at the race. The roads are already backed up for miles with cars and RVs.

5.) More manana


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