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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What are you looking at?

Ian Rutter, who operates R&R Fly Fishing snapped the above picture of a large American Salmonfly on a Smokies stream. Salmonflies are well known amongst fly anglers across the western US. However, salmonflies are present around here. With that being said, in the east they are a different species known as the American Salmonfly (Pteronarcys dorsata). The Giant Salmonflies (Pteronarcys californica) out west are much more prolific than their eastern counterparts. 

I've seen them at night while camping in the Smokies. They're basically torpedoes with legs. Like all bugs, the hot, bright, lantern 10 feet from the river was a big attraction. They were crashing into it and falling to the ground burnt to a crisp. Clumsy little critters. Grilled Salmonflies anyone?


Brk Trt said...

Now that's a trout meal.

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