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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1) Despite the line of severe thunderstorms that rolled across the state dropping very heavy rain, water levels are looking great. The storms are done for a while, so rivers will continue to be in good shape. Temperatures are the big story now, as the cold front that triggered these storms last night, passed over WNC around 8-11pm. The cold air immediately started to seep into the region and we felt the effects today with highs in the 60s. Still, tomorrow morning will be the big slap in the face with temperatures in the mid to lower 30s across the mountains and upper 30s in the Piedmont. Frost warnings and advisories have been issued for the mountains, as a result of the cold temps tonight. Hard freeze warnings have been hoisted in extreme eastern TN right on the border of NC. This will more than likely be the last time we see temps near or below freezing, as weather more in line with late spring boots this cold out by the weekend. Upper 80's, with temps approaching 90 possible in the Piedmont next week. Looks like the temps climb incrementally until we hit hot and muggy conditions. The players teeing off at the Wells Fargo Championship here in Charlotte are in for a great weekend. Up in the mountains, I've got a feeling next week is going to give way to some spectacular fishing. Actually, this weekend doesn't look half bad. Either way, get ready!

2) The weekend should yield some decent fishing. By next week, the fishing will be at its best, if the storms and heavy rain hold off. After this short cold snap, wet wading will become popular. In fact, there's plenty of folks that have been ditching the waders lately. I don't know if I would wet wade over the next few days, but by next week the water should be much more tolerable.

3) I've heard reports of some Green Drakes hatching. Although sporadic, they are fluttering around. May is the month you see them around here. Pretty tough to confuse them with other insects hatching right now, so if you see some starting to hatch, switch to a Green Drake Nymph or wet, cast it to your target, and slowly twitch it up to the surface, imitating an emerging Green Drake. It's also possible you see some Light Cahills. Especially during the warm stretch next week. Hendricksons, Sulphurs, and March Browns will also be hatching. Terrestrials are starting to become more and more prevalent as well in the mountains. Try an inchworm, black ant, or beetle. Still a little too early for hoppers though.

4) Enjoy the last month of DH! Once the first Saturday of June rolls around, it's wild streams and catch and release waters.

5) Here's an article I ran across on Twitter. Have you ever wondered where the trout go when the water is high and muddy? The answers lie in this great read: http://bit.ly/k5jX90


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