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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The weather here in NC has been nothing short of insane. The mountains have been all over the board. From half a foot of snow, to sunny skies, to a Cat 3 hurricane wind gust, and now warmer not as cold weather for the weekend. I'm sure you guys are still glued to the "Cat 3 hurricane strength wind gust." I was as well. Grandfather Mountain, which is known for it's extreme weather, recorded a new highest wind gust yesterday at 4:58 PM. Shattering the old record of 106.95mph, was the new record of 114.7mph. Even a powerful, wind-slicing double haul into 114mph headwinds would end in a "casting fail."

Unless you possess a fly rod to this caliber (discovered after recently finding this blog), you wouldn't stand a chance! Casting duck and beaver flies made to scale has never been easier!

No fictional 20wt fly rods needed anytime soon. That's a relief. The forecast calls for some "not as cold" temperatures this weekend. Especially Saturday. If at all possible, high tail it to the river ASAP! If time simply will not allow, as is the case for me, don't fret. I'm sure we'll see more days such as what is forecasted this weekend. At least I hope...

Fishing here in WNC will be improving incrementally starting tomorrow. The NWS forecast for Transylvania County, home to the widely known Davidson River, is mid 50s Saturday with sunny skies. Not bad at all. It looks like the winds will be a a little on the breezy side, but you needn't worry about 114mph winds. Unless you're fishing a popular C&R stream such as the Davidson, fly selection isn't a big deal. Just about any darker colored nymph, such as a Pheasant Tail, Prince, BWO Nymph,  and black or brown Stonefly Nymphs (just to name a few) should work. It wouldn't hurt to tie on a smaller #14-18 soft hackle or even a San Juan Worm behind a larger nymph. It doubles your chances and allows the fish to pick and choose. Along with nymphs, streamers are worthy of trying. Big fish rarely pass up a protein rich minnow, sculpin, or small trout. This is especially true when it's cold. Unlike streamer fishing in the summer and fall, it's highly unlikely for a trout to quickly move out of its feeding lane to grab a morsel (or your fly) in the winter. Allowing the fly to sink to the bottom is the key to success this time of the year. You want your fly to reach the fish. Most of which are holding down deep. There's some limited, but good news for any of fellow dry fly gurus. If you enjoy fishing for rising fish, you may see a few over the course of this weekend. Definitely not a  guarantee, but if a black stonefly or black caddis hatch occurs, keep your eyes peeled for a few risers. Still, 9 times out of ten nymphs will be much more productive. Lighter tippet is best, given the clear water.

If you head out this weekend, have fun and catch some fish! We would love to hear the report over on the forum, or in the comment section below.


Bill Trussell said...

Get out there this weekend and land a trout for me. It is going to be 63 here Saturday. I smell crappie.

Kev2380 said...

I'll be at the fly show. Come check out the Triangle Fly Fishers if you go.

Troutdawg said...

Headed to the river intown today as well, nothinhg like 63' winter weather here in the Rockies!

Tyler Legg said...

@ Bill- Believe me, I would if time allowed! It's going to be nice for sure. According to the weather guy, February could be warmer. We'll see...

@Kev- Hope you guys have a great time! Unfortunately I'm going to miss the show this year. Hoping to tie/attend next year though.

@Troutdawg- Nice! Go get 'em!

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