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Wednesday, September 30, 2009
1.) I'm getting deeper and deeper into the planning of the upcoming stream restoration project for one of my classes (read the previous post for specifics). I'm meeting with our Director of Public Works and the Storm Water Manager of Kannapolis Friday afternoon, to discuss the plan, the possibilities and the limitations that could stop certain jobs (such as extending the section of the stream into private property) from being carried out.

Here's some before pictures I snapped a few days ago of Roger's Lake Branch...

As you can see in these pictures there's a good amount of trash that needs to be picked up.

With it being fall, we are transitioning from warm temps to cold temps. This means that I just have to slide my waders on when it gets into the lower 20's in November. If I would have chosen a fall garden, it would have been very risky, since the class started after the preferred date to start a garden. Roger's Lake Branch, usually freezes over night when temps get into the teens during the winter, so this may be the only problem. Last year, I was fishing Roger's Lake in early January with 13 degree temps early in the morning. Between navigating through sheets of ice and deep pools, I managed to catch several half frozen bluegill.

Anyways, hope everything falls into place with the project and nothing turns for the worst...


Lance Milks said...

Hey Tyler,

Have you heard any stories about how hard the streams got hit yesterday. Im thinking of heading to Stone Mtn. on Sunday, Monday, and or Tuesday, trying to miss the crowds.


Tyler Legg said...

Hey Lance,

Sunday might be pretty busy in and around the state parks, but I'm sure Monday or Tuesday won't be bad. It's DH now, (IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!) so all fish folks catch have to be released. There are still some streams that haven't been stocked just yet (the state can't do it all in 1 day..), so yesterday was probably hit fairly hard by locals, but tomorrow will by far be the busiest. I'm pretty sure the East Prong Roaring River in Stone Mtn has been stocked alreday.

In short, you should find some lightly pressured areas within the park...


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