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Saturday, October 3, 2009
1.) Off to Stone Mountain tomorrow afternoon to take advantage of the recently stocked East Prong Roaring River. The Davidson River (AKA "the D") was another option, the Mitchell River was the next. It's going to be NICE tomorrow...Especially up in the mountains, with lower 70's for highs and mid to upper 40's for lows. The temps are ideal for trout right now. Not to hot, not to cold. I'm tempted to fish some wild trout water such as Garden Creek. Don't know if I will yet. I really don't care where I fish...As long as there's fish and I'm out of the "big city" of Kannapolis.

2.) Yesterday afternoon, I met with the Public Works Director, the Storm Water Manager, and two guys who work in the Public Works department in Kannapolis. We discussed my plan, layout, and what could be done on Roger's Lake Branch over deer jerky. Man alive, one of the guys, Henry, can make some pretty mean deer jerky. I'm a big fan of deer and elk meat, so I jumped when he offered me some. Anyways, the storm water manager was able to tell me where all of the major water lines were, so I wouldn't have to worry about rupturing one of them and creating another Mississippi River. They told me that the silt fences surrounding the stream could be removed, so I told them I would take them out. It's all falling in line!! Nothing looks to be holding us back...

3.) I've noticed that there are more and more folks using and switching to Wordpress. I decided to start another blog over on Wordpress. It's still called Tar Heel Fly Fishing, but it looks a little different. There's a lot of helpful stuff and extra things Wordpress developers have created. Check the other blog out here. If you have any concerns, questions, or comments shot me an email. I'm experimenting more than actually transitioning...

So, off too the river tomorrow afternoon, might begin the project later tomorrow when back, might hold off until Monday. If you see a silver Nissan Pathfinder with a GTNP (Grand Teton Nat'l Park) decal on the back, stop and say hello...More tomorrow when back


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